What are E-visas, visas and visa-free travel? Current Affairs 2020 #UPSC

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    Visitor International Stay Admission-VISA

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    A)India gives visa on arrival to 1. Japan 2. South Korea 3. U.A.E. (condition apply) For double entry and 60 days validity. B) E-visa is not given to Diplomatic and Official passport holders. C) China - no E-visa given due to coronavirus. Even the old E-visas and regular sticker visas are suspended. That means Chinese are not allowed in India till this virus issue gets resolved. If they want to be in India they have to take special permission. D) E-visa types. Tourist (30 days for double entry / 1 year /5 years Multiple entries) business, conference, medical, medical attendent. E) E-visa is not given to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. Not even to those whose place of birth is Pakistan (after the independence). F) E-visa gets approved in 3-4 days. G) With your election ID you can go to Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives.

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    Sir which country gives indians facility of Visa free travel ?

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    Indians can travel to 58 countries either visa free or by visa on arrival or with an e-visa


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    Indian e- passport won't be there till these upcoming 3-4 years. E-passport is an ordinary passport with a small chip (nano sim card type) inserted in front-cover page of passport.

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