[PUBG MOBILE 11.11] 4 Countries Battle Show
OPPO X PUBG MOBILE India Tour - Group D | Wild Card
OPPO X PUBG MOBILE India Tour - Group C | Wild Card
OPPO X PUBG MOBILE India Tour - Group B | Wild Card
OPPO X PUBG MOBILE India Tour - Group A | Wild Card
  1. Aryan Jain

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    6:15:50 soul viper driving... commentators going crazy

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    Soul is love


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    . ,

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    Mortal bhai...ajj toh rula diya.

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    Hii pubg 5600706699

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    itu yg comment ke spesifik tag gmn ya

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    Hi H1P1 Gaming, A copyright owner using Content ID claimed some material in your video. This is not a copyright strike. This claim does not affect your account status. There are either ads running on your video, with the revenue going to the copyright owner, or the copyright owner is receiving stats about your video’s views. Video title: FIRE TERROR # 17 KILL 17KD NEW RECORD# November 15, 2019 Copyrighted content: Shiv Tandav Stotram Claimed by: Times Music India

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    I subscribe

  14. Darren Samim

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    This video is just to encourage eSports in India..and to encourage amongst parents. Naman Mathur you're the legend. Huge respect after knowing from this documentary.

  15. Ashutosh Arya

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    When she said i am mortal's mom. 😍 I wish one day i will make my mom proud.

  16. Gaming Evil

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    Where is Pakistan

  17. Arham Plus

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    PUBG how can I get free gun skins

  18. Yusuv R

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    the play is so passive it makes me yawning. let them met SEA teams which plays barbarically

  19. Nisha Sinha

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    When is Malaysia tournament is coming LIVE

  20. abeda Albash

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    قناتي JAKE MEDEA اذا اكو لاعب قوي خلي يراسني والعب اني ويا لان اني يوتيوبر وانشر هيج فديوهات على ببجي

  21. Sahil Qureshi

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    E sports ko respect milni chahiye

  22. Saitama

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    15:38 <3

  23. Ganesh Bisoi

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    Bhai kakha tournament

  24. KULDEEP Kee Sath

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    mera video isse a66a he

  25. DJ Santiago

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    3.46 - lvl 3 backpack!

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    Angry ❤️

  27. 『KSD』 KRAKEN

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    KS UP

  28. I'm Rollinss

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    Feels like Kabir singh music

  29. Virat Amit

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    Entity gaming and soul gaming has qualified for PMCO in kuala Lumpur

  30. Virat Amit

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    Who is best 3 teams in europe team tell me

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    Pubg fans like kijiye ✌✌ ✌✌ ✌✌ ✌

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    All the best guys u reached respecte 😃😃😃😃

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    Jai pubg

  37. The Invincible Rangers

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    Its a salute to you pubg for making such a class video about them

  38. education with darshan

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    Anybody watch even 25 percent of this video

  39. yameteh kudasai

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    Rrq commin in clutch with 3 consecutive chicken dinner 😱 That is amazing 💯

  40. Dallu27 gurung

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    U guys have no right to judge Owais and Ronak decision...don't spread hate

  41. fighting 101

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    45:43 sanhok 1:34:39 erangel 2:35:29 miramar 3:56:33 erangel No commentary but it feels like you're just actually spectating teammate or enemy

  42. ZRQ Gladiator

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    6:21:18 roasted

  43. fighting 101

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    Chinese commentary

  44. Nine Five

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    Bigetron the type of guy to use all the energy in the starting of race.

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    Iss vdo kon kon aab dekh rha h like here pubg fans

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    6:39:11 FINAL RESULT

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    34:12 is that ladyboy 🤔🤔🤔

  49. Monu Gupta Sonu Gupta

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    Ye kya hai bhai kya chal rha hai

  50. Sohil Ahmad

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    1st 1:9:00

  51. mahfil e naat yasim khan

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  52. fighting 101

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    Considering how random the winners happen in this tournament, one can say all are really awesome players

  53. fighting 101

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    *1:01:47* sanhok match *2:10:00* miramar match *3:42:30* team up match *4:41:45* vikendi match *5:42:20* erangel match


    RONAK AJMERI2 दिन पहले

    Entity scout op.


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    Vo pagal hoga jo puri sade 7 ghante ki stream dekhega lol

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    The background song "Hurricane Party" is such an elevator!!

  59. MyChildhood Toons

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    Scout be like :- *mortal ko leleta hoon team m* , *n to uski team m ghus loonga*

  60. Jinar TV

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    Kurd Squad are the best squad of the Earth!!!!

  61. shams akhtar

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    I liked it when mortal mom said "I'm MORTALS mom"...that pride on her face

  62. KNOM3I Gaming

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    Came here for ScoutOp 🔥🔥❤️

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  64. Jerlando Oliveira

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    o quê Vale não é Marta ganhar pontos pubg é um jogo de sobrevivência só para vocês ficar sabendo a vocês tem que torcer até o filme pelo Brasil não ficar dizendo que o time da brk é ruim vocês são brasileiros não é

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    Mortal only no more others🥰🥰🥰

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    It all about pubg

  68. 1,000 Subscribers without any video challenge

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    Soul proved that baap to baap hota he

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    3:10:34 Someone Cryin'

  70. 1,000 Subscribers without any video challenge

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    *1 like = 1 point for soul in global final*

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    yeeahh now we Mortal army represents india ❤❤ like for this 👇👇👇

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    Bad news for youtubersssss ...... 👇😣😣😣😣

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    Can't understand this stream


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    Love it.

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    पत्नी फोन पे: अजी आपके बिना मेरा जी नहीं लग रहा है l पति: जी नहीं लग रहा है, तो सोनी और स्टार प्लस लगा के देख वो भी अच्छी चेनल है l 😂

  81. Rabbit holmes

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    Tum padhai karo....😊

  82. Prince Singh chandel

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    Iconic ne soul kyu chora

  83. SON GOKU

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    Snakes everywhere

  84. DJAmi Singh

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    After seeing this video on trending#2 I can understand ki India mein kitni berozgari hai

  85. Pradip

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    7:24:40 'I m mortal's mom' amazing ❤😂

  86. Kunal Ôberoy Gaming And Unbox

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    Jay sol moral

  87. Anurag Sinha

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  88. BB Ki Vines

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    No.1 Game of Pubg mobile

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    😂😂😂😂😂 commentator lag raha hai cricket dekh raha hai kya ho raha hai behencho india me

  90. Kumar Sanu Club

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    Beta padh lo pubg khele se job na lagega ye koi job ni hai america ko apna skill dekar tumlog mental ho gaye ho kuch paisa kamane ke liye shame on u

  91. pratap chaudhary

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    2:50:00 ma hera kta haru

  92. Sumit Dhankhar

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    इसकी बहन के यो सांग भी होण लाग्या 😲

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    Sala pmco mai koi 23 kill le ke nhe dikhata jo video banate hai ab le n bhsdke 23 kill 😂😂

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    On which phone do gamers play in this tournament ?

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    Can anybody please tell me which song is this

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    Worst pubg

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    we love you soul mortal