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Zee Business is one of the leading and fastest growing Hindi business news channels in India. The channel has revolutionized business news by its innovative programming and path-breaking strategy of making business news a 24/7 activity as it is not just limited to the stock market. This has made Zee Business your channel to wealth and profit.
Besides updated hourly news bulletins, there is a lot to watch out for, whether it be stock market related detailed information, investments, mutual funds, corporate, real estate, travel or leisure. The channel has the most diverse programming portfolio which has positioned it as a channel of choice amongst viewers. By speaking a language of the masses, Zee Business is today the most preferred for business news.
Some of the popular shows of Zee Business are:
Share Bazar, Mandi Live, Aap Ka Bazar, First Trade, Big Debate etc.

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    happy birthday anil singhvi ji

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    Mumbai double attack carona+toofan.god help all god say prathana tufaan say Mumbai ka koi nuksaan na hoo

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    Happy bday .......sir

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    Happy Birthday Anil sir

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    group report me bol ta hu udav thakre ready bita hi kal ke bakchodi ke liye aur bole ga hum log war lad rahe hi bla bla kar ge

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  11. Smile Bong Life

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    First view

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    loved it

  13. Arlana

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    loved it

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    Gold buy or sell.? This cmp.

  15. irfan sha

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    How to watch live ?

  16. Jeeta Singh

    Jeeta Singh10 घंटे पहले

    This is my India where economy is weeping but indices r clapping. Truely world is driven by corporates world over. Fund houses r thriving on public money, common man is ruined by the lowest bank interest rates on savings. Where to go


    BISWAJIT DASH10 घंटे पहले

    You all complete wrong

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    Happy birthday anil sir

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  20. Sunil Patil

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    Nifty will go to 11000, thora ruk ke ruk ke.banknifty will go to 23500, it is my personal view.

  22. Amarendra Bhowmick

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    Many many happy returns of the day for anilji.may you live long.

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    Great bhasinji in great form.jaisa america mein trump aisa india mein modiji.money power ka takat hai fundamental ko goli marne ka.lockdown! Pooh fooh!

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    Many Happy Returns of the Day, Mr. Singhavi.

  26. Sunil Patil

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  27. Amarendra Bhowmick

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    What an analyst is sanjib bhasinji? Main to aur sob analysts ko bhool giya hoon.koi bhi retail sirf bhasinji ko blindly follow koren with his sl to balle balle.

  28. Protyusha Das

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    Happy birthday Sir... many many return of the day.....

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    sirf mera khena hei kee phone athe hee rehenge tho better yeh rhega kee videos dekho or enjoy karo uska performance , atleast 60 fps video tho support karta hee hei !!

  31. Prahlad singh Rawat

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    में गरीब हु सर पड़ने का मन करता है लेकिन पैसे नही है

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    Happy Birthday anil sir

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    Happy Birthday Sir🎉🎉🎉

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    Happy birthday Sar love from Assam

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    Zee entertainment share will touch 200₹ today fr sure💐

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    dil se visvas

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    Happy Birthday to you sir 🎂🎂🎉🎂

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    Emi maf karna hoga

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    My friend asked me to be his guarantor for a loan, he just wanted my documents like adhaar pan and bank statement but no sign. I was ready but then felt a bit skepical and searched on IN-gos and this video helped me take a decision.

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    Happy Wala Birthday...Dear Anil sir...

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    Happy Birthday anil ji 🎂

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    Live tv dekhao

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    Wish you very very happy birthday anil ji 🎂, isse tarah market ke tension ke saath hasate rahe app mood bana rehta hai zara🤪🤪

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    Wish you many many returns of the day Anil sir

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    Happy Birthday Day Anil Sir. God bless you.

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    Sir happy birthday sai baba up ko vala Kore

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    Wish you very happy birthday Anil Shinghvi.. Jai Jinendra😊🙏🏽


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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 50TH ANIL SINGHVI JI.........................

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    Anil g aapko zanamdin mubarak ho....

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  74. मराठा

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    bewkuf lok hai ab ke so called investor.. mudi ka rating kharab aaya, duniya me itana sara dar ka mahoul hai, India ka agle do saal tak zero se bhi kam growth rate hai US, Europe, India ke satodiya share Bazar upar leke dhapak se girayenge phir wahi chal chalnge lakh aam investor logo me 10, 20 aam log Paisa kamate hai unaki advertise chalti rahati hai baki lakho aam investor dub jaate hai unaka kahi bhi Jan buzkar bhi jikra nahi karate.. shame on share market.

  75. chinna swamy

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  76. Nayak Ashish Sabyasachi

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    This guys speaks like his stomach is not clear in the morning 😀😂😂😂 apne apme confused hai

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    Happy birthday anil sir🍰

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    Dow ki halat kharab.. Moodys downgrade ke karan aj indices niche na chale jaye..

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    Sri Sri is great

  84. SocialBounty Money Making App

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    you are cool aBHG

  85. Vijendra kumar

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    युवराज और हरभजन तुम मेरी फेवरेट क्रिकेटर्स की लिस्ट में से लेकिन तुमने अब यह अधिकार खो दिया है क्योंकि जहां भारत के मजदूर गरीब भूखे प्यासे पैदल चल कर मर रहे हैं एक्सीडेंट से मर रहे हैं और तुम्हें पाकिस्तान के गरीबों की फिक्र है क्यों ना तुम ही पाकिस्तान चले जाओ और वहीं पर उनकी हेल्प करो

  86. Anil Agarwal

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    जन्मदिन की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें अनिल जी आप हमेशा खुश रहें स्वस्थ रहें भगवान आपको हमेशा तरक्की दे आप सबको टेंसन फ्री रखते हो सबका टेंसन आप खुद ले लेते हो

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    Happy brday Dear Anil ji. Aap ZEE news p commentry kro 100 saal.

  88. Sheela Sharma

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    I don't get it why these so called market expert tells us to keep away from market when market is falling. Why they always advise to buy when market is going up?? Falling market is best time to buy. I invested at the level of 7500-8000. And all those shares are 20-25% up now.

  89. Sagar Pathare

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    Love you zee

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    X manmohan poco battery & hear throttling ka kuch karoo..⚠⚠🙏

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  93. Kethavath Venkata Ramana Naik

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    Let us know, when can we expect Asus max pro m3


    MAURYA KETUदिन पहले

    Intrada pic

  95. Hari Kishan

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    यह सब काम सिर्फ कागजों में हो। रहे हैं। रियल में कुछ नहीं।

  96. Hari Kishan

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    उत्तर प्रदेश में कब लागू हुआ?

  97. Random Channel

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    Looto maaki choot desh ko... 20lac crores looto.. chutiya bana rakka hain sabko..

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    Real hero hain Sonu sudh sir

  99. Dnyaneshwar Gore

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    Gore. D. S. Wai satara 9921543977 bookig

  100. Random Channel

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    June 2 Indian markets will be Red !! Bears will take control... Exit your positions on high..