charli d'amelio
charli d'amelio
charli d'amelio

hi, I’m Charli and my life is kinda crazy

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    Why do I ship

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    I Follow you the Tiktok

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    The way he looked at her at 7:55 ...

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    I wish I could be famous like u on tiktok

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    Has she never seen stranger things

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    He look like that kid from stranger things

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    Love you Charli

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    Hi are a in bed

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    Nobody is gonna talk about how cute they ate together? And how shy she is around him 😍



    You have talent☺️

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    My two favorite person

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    Hi Charli and Addison ILove you so so so much 😍🥺

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    Anthony 3/28/2020 Devotion for inspiration

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    I love you Charli

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    Hey charli I’m really sad because you and chase are not together anymore...😭😔💔

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    This proved me dont trust girls they are legend born actress...

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    Can u pls do nore vids at IN-gos?

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    She looks so much......different from tik tok

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    Charli is it true that u and chase breAk up?

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    Please go meet Everly labrant it is her biggest dream look on her IN-gos channel

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    I love you 💕 so much I'm from 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 Palestinian and if u come to the Uae 🇦🇪 u will love ❤️ it so much 👋

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    Okay but the beginning made me feel awkward 😂🤚

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    I Love you ❤️

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    You did a pretty decent job

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    Hahhhaha charlie things

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    Charli go check out the labrant family and make Evelies dream come true

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    Να σας παρακαλέσω όταν βλέπω Θεία λειτουργία να μη μου βάζετε αυτά τα βίντεο αφού βλέπετε τι μου αρέσει

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    Your acting is good, u just have to let it go . This was a great video .

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    Why was I scared that Noah would like mistakely say something about season 4 that he shouldn't.

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    Why is she so quiet it seems like she doesn't enjoy this at all

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    Omg Charli you are a very good actress! I love it ❤️

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    Te quiero charli❤️❤️ soy tu fan número 1😍😘

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    I love how you called it Charli Things. that right there is using your brain. 👌👌👏👏👏

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    Not hating but who the fuck dressed her? She deserves better. 🤦

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    No one is gonna talk about the rolling chair

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    It was sooo awk

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    Charli's outro is so lit

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    It’s not famous how’s that

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    That is not acting Jesus Christ how dumb are you

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    I saw ur like account charli

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    I love you 2

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    And plus that macke up looks pretty on you

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    Charlie chase is cheering on you!

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    Noah is a Stranger Things actor loooooLllllOoooooo im felling so ..........weird

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    Guys, If your are in quarantine and watching this video from home, put like. *rate my videos*

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    Iove you and james

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    Charli i really want see you in real life❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    We want hype house .Lopez brothers

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    Это то самый русский коментарий каторый ты ищешь.

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    Hi Charli. You are sooo beutiful and cute.

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    What's the song called in the beginning

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    Is that Steve form stranger things

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    She's more famous than him

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    i love her hoodie

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    She looks so shy ☺️

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    Omg hi charli can you follow me on TikTok it’s @sksksk_anna.oop

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    Yay,you posted a new video!!!

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    Didn't Noah say that he and Charli are probably gonna make a cooking channel on his live?

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    Who likes stranger things if do like this comment

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    Rip Lil huddy

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    I love you

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    In stranger things 5 it'll be charli

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    Had to dislike this so stuff like this doesnt show up on my feed

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    Hey Charli!! I have a crush on you😍😘

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    charli i loveyou i just wanted to tel you if you go to a very popular youtube channel called the labrant family and theres a small girl called everleigh she loves you so much and is trying to collab or facetime you hopr you read it

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    I want you to act again. You were so good !Love youu❤❤❤

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    Dream couple screw Lilhuddy

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    Isn’t that Will from Stranger Things


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    Charli have you ever been in Lithuania?

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    I feel like😭because I can't meet I stay in Greece I want too see you can you reply I love you BTW you are the best I wish to see you!!!! 💖❤️I am a big fan love you😍😍😍

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    4:33 You See Charli’s Baby Face 💕

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    2:38 noah no sabe bailar la macarena Yo buscando el comentario en español

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    Culture vulture.

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    I kinda ship them

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    Aradığın Türk yorumu