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Today, Salim and Sulaiman Merchant are among India's most respected composers, having scored more than 100 films, around 20 TV shows and composed several records incorporating cinematic, folk, electronic and Sufi influences to their music. Their latest & much-awaited Hollywood film 'Sold' is already gaining a lot of appreciation at various film festivals. The duo has enthralled audiences across the world with their live concerts including performing at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2010.
They were also nominated for a daytime Emmy Award for composing 'Save the Tiger - Wonder Pets' and continue to spread their love all over the world including their latest collaboration with Lady Gaga - Born This Way and Enrique Iglesias - I'm a Freak.
Last year they created an incredible episode for Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3 and the songs they created got them closer to their own roots.
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Let's Folk Together!

Let's Folk Together!

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Salim Sulaiman Live | Fluxus 2020 - IIT Indore
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Salim Sulaiman Live | Thomso - IIT Roorkee

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Salim Sulaiman first Youtube live

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Whatta Night!

Whatta Night!

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Khalipan | Salim Sulaiman | Teaser

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Salim Sulaiman | Official Channel Promo
Salim Sulaiman Live at IIT, Powai | 2012
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