Let's Make Education Simple
Let's Make Education Simple
Let's Make Education Simple

This channel aims to simplify your understanding of 'seemingly' complex science/Maths/Engineering/technology concepts through practical, day-to-day applications. All our content is in Tamil language.
Our mission is to provide world-class content that makes learning science, simple & fun! ;)

Making of an LMES Video.! | LMES

Making of an LMES Video.! | LMES

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How Popcorn pops? | Jujubee #3 | LMES

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LMES 2.0 | The Next BIG THING..!

LMES 2.0 | The Next BIG THING..!

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How Touch Screen works? | Tamil | LMES

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How Mobile Network works ? | LMES

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BUS DAY Paridhabangal | Tamil | LMES

BUS DAY Paridhabangal | Tamil | LMES

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Veg vs Non-Veg - Which digests faster? | LMES

Veg vs Non-Veg - Which digests faster? | LMES

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Adutha illaku - Snippets 2 | LMES

Adutha illaku - Snippets 2 | LMES

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Adutha illaku - Snippets | LMES

Adutha illaku - Snippets | LMES

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    Kindly talk about Dr. Thanikasalam Siddha doctor who invented medicine for corona

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    Awesome explanation bro👍👌👌

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    1:45 actual topic starts

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    12th Ku edhachum irundha solunga😢

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    Sir na recent ah 12cs group mudicha,inum results varala sir.So for selecting engg course,next 5 years la entha job ku scope athigama irukum,entha engg course edutha best nu sollunga sir,please.


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    Sir l have questions : differentiate between move or motion

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    Title English le eluthala me . Tamil padikka theriyadu adnale sonne

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    You are great thalaiva

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    Next contant is why do we scare of dark


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    Sir washing machine entha program language base pani run aguthu atha pathi oru video podunga

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    Excellent 👍👍👍👍

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    in-gos.info/vidiyo/m3t6qLWukLepqZw.html Very informative 3d video about Corona

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    எளிமையான முறையில் மிகச் சிறப்பாக சொன்னீர்கள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

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    Super g

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    The title is irrelavent to the data you provided here.

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    டே.... இந்த தணிகாசம் என்ன Matter ன்னு கொஞ்சம் பாரு....

  19. Thiru Moorthy

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    Solravan 1000 solvan.. iniku nenga intha nilamaila irukathu matum than avan pakran..nenga US job vitu itha arambikum bothu nenga iruntha nilaai ungaluku matum than theriyum so athelam perusa eduthukathinga..

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    security of android phone & number

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    Why bro no video now

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    Thank you bro

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    யார் தட்டியும் கேட்காது மார்தட்டி ஆர்பரித்த மனிதக் கூட்டமே! இன்று கால் கட்டி வாய் பொத்தி கூட்டிற்குள் அடைந்ததென்ன? அணு குண்டு ஆயுதங்கள் அடிக்கி வைத்த மனிதக் கூட்டமே! இன்று கிருமி தந்த அழிவை கண்டு கிறுகிறுத்துப் பொவதென்ன? முழு கவிதையும் இந்த youtube link - ல் in-gos.info/vidiyo/03h1Y5PZcJufa5w.html

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    Super information and usefull... ☺⌛🌾

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    Thanks for always posting good videos and educating people .. is it possible to please check how much turmeric helps to kills gems .. it may not kill corona but would like to know how much it is effective ...

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    Coronova.corono ringtone.kekka vachitinga super...bro...irunthalum.paavam...pa corono...

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    Hi Team.....can you please check this video which says about medicine discovered for corona.... in-gos.info/vidiyo/nX-EfJeooLadf6Q.html

  29. hari prasadh

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    Dear sir i hav a doubt V all hear frm news tat some people are recovering frm covid19 Since our immune system has some memory about the attack Cn u use their blood to prepare any vaccine Is t possible..???

  30. Sathiyaraj Chinnavan

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    Please space rocket explain how to work

  31. Office Mails

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    Watched in 2020. Students need to understand the concept, so many practical examples required in study books

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    Yen Anna namba speed control panamudiyatha .. vinkal vanthu thana varthunu but space humans Thane train panuvanga

  33. Chandra Shekhar

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    The numbers which Chinese are presenting seems to be incorrect!! They can have social distancing but still there is integrity issues in numbers.

  34. Chandra Shekhar

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    What's is the mistake from the government?? Everyone is trying to do their best, it's in our hands basically to ourselves safe.

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    We must have to be safe in home to save our life...so stay home stay safe...!!!!

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    Environment(Nature) will take care of it.. Nice finishing...

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    superb bro,no words to explain

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    The people must die to balance the earth.😈

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    March 28 -> 987 cases So, March 29 = 987 * 1.187^1 = 1,171 (prediction) , 1024(Actual) So, March 30 = 1171*1.187 = 1390(predicted) , Actual report : 1,071 (08:00 am) let's see in the end of the day or report of next day (i.e) March 31 Morning will also be added count of March 30 If March 31 morning count is near to 1390 or at least >1300, we're Heading to Disaster. #STAYHOME #LMES #COVID19

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    Ipd Oru sir irundha na epovo IAS agirupen

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    Bro up and down 200 madurai to Ramnad

  42. Vini Vinith

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    Yennada naaye Neeyum evr soriyan kootama . Sori naayu mavane politics yellam nee yen pesara . Who solved Mullai periyaru issue . How dare u talk about Swamy n at wt capacity u r talking about him . Unna mathuri potta kootam yellam thimira pesa dhan layaku prachanaikku solution pudunga maatinga . If u r expert In teaching science be with that . Dont talk about any constitutional experts are any educational r any scholars. Some hippies might listen to u not everybody . Mooditu poda karuva pooo

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    exact situation right now..

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    Lets make engineering simple yepo lets make education simple ah maarichu😲


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    Enga mooligai petrol mathri corona va kondru ven nu oruthar suthurar bro avra pathu antha paracetamol tablet vangunga bro

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    Maths like a magic Thank you sir

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    Nice explain

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    1week gone but where's the next video?

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    Tell any other coronavirus family members are there

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    Spanish flu marunthu kandupudichittangala


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    Bro, goosebumps yen varuthunu video podunga bro...

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    Anna apa vidula donik kudikum pothu light off panitu tha kudikanuma itha video la solla la yaa plz sollu iga dout ya iruku

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    in-gos.info/vidiyo/1aGqp6fNl7p1oXo.html awsome idea..!


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    Today 80,000+ in china

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    Nano technology sollunga bro

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    Good Maths and graph

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    Next content is how come the phone number is not getting displayed and shows as Private number 😊😊😉😉

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    So,.. Ipom frequent ah mutate agum soluringa.., So athuvey mutate agi nama paratope oda sera mudiyatha structure ku vanthutaah.. Nama problem solve agidum right 👍

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    What the benefits of the virus? I know there are lot benefits from Bacteria. What about virus ?