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Madras Samayal features traditional and modern recipes which were handed to me by my mother, mother in law and my grand-mother. Some of these recipes have been simplified to suit the modern cooking style while still retaining the traditional taste of Tamil Nadu Cuisine. This cuisine is very peculiar in the aspect that it stimulates the taste buds of all six tastes in every dish prepared and thus satisfying the palette thoroughly. Come on and learn the recipe of these tasty dishes. " Navin Suvai Arumbukkal Malarattum"

Potato Samosa Recipe in Tamil

Potato Samosa Recipe in Tamil

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    Super sis.,vala valanu pesama timing la mudikarathuthan highlight.,unga timing kagave parpen.,

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    Steffi dear, prepare wheat paratha once

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    Older but new. ..method. ..Quick faster recipe. .stefi sis it's really good and healthy food. ..thank you God bless you

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    Hi steffi,Tried it today it came out really very well. Thanks for the recipe... U r always there for me when I want to try different dishes.

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    It should add cumin seeds for egg?.. it's different taste . I think don't add it...

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