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Learning, Awareness and Education is the purpose of this channel. I raise critical social, political and environmental issues facing India and educate you on important things which matter in your life (for example: personal finance). See the world from a new perspective. Ground Reports from across the world will make you more aware and logical analysis will make you think more critically. Learn how you can make the world a better place!
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    I like ur channel for transferency

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    Really ur knowledge and wits is very inspirational......

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    Thank you Dhruv Bhai aur Mahavir Bhai aap dono ki wajh se meri ankhe khul gyi

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    4:15 , 8:03

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    after see your videos i change my opinion i want to educate our indian people it is very important to guide people

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    I am very much impressed by you.. but You are not Neutral,, everybody knows.. now please make a video on Tablighi Jamaat coronavirus hotspot in Delhi! Let's see How you react about it... Being secular doesn't mean you will not criticize the wrong thing done by minorities !

  7. amt sharma

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    इंडिया में है क्या कमाओ खाओ बच्चे बनाओ साले सब सेक्स में लगे हुए हैं ।

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    Rajive dixit

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    Such a fake person, baised.. media kam thi jo ab youtube pr b fake news milne lgi..

  11. Saikat Mandal

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    Please make a video on Tablighi Jamaat coronavirus hotspot in Delhi ! How it is responsible for spreading of coronavirus..! And political propaganda behind it

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    Girlfriend ko kahi bahar se hua ho to...

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    You should have born 40 years back, you are visionary from past..unfortunately people have different mindset. Now world is global village..people stop listening ..started buying patanjali products,stopped consuming coke and similar soft drinks..stopped using products containing high fluctose corn syrup..stopped listening to people like you. You packaged Kashmir along with Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is very difficult understand your thoughts.

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    I am fan your video

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    Dhruv bhaiya mujhe aarogya Setu aap kyse kaam karta hai uske Barry me jaanna hai aor kya ye sachme kaam karega covid-19 se bachney me plz iske Barry me ek video se batado aor jo v video aaya hai IN-gos me is aap ke barey me wo jyada kuch nahi batatey ek Baar aap batado ❤️❤️❤️

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    Kashmiri people are not in favour but jammu people is in favour of it because jammu has always face discrimination by kashmir politicians with the implement of 370.jammu people happy with the removal of 370.


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    medical field tumhara Gyan adhura h,, doctor ne tumhe ullu bnaya। IGA aur igM kisi v virus k liye positive test de skte hen

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    Em from Kashmir sir!!!

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    Why so baised in politics? Ever after getting exposed by news channels?

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    Thanks For Revealing All The Valid Points Dhruv. But One Thing That Really Bothered Me Is That If You Are Revealing The Truth And All Those Valid Points,it Is Your Responsibility To Present To The Public, The Actual Proofs And The Sources Of The Things You Are Saying In The Video Discription Box. Otherwise Why Should I Trust You Blindly Without Myself Cross Examining The Actual Sources. HOPE YOU GOT AND WILL CONSIDER MY POINT! *MAY THE GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU AND YOUR WORK*.

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    This is why I am Athiest

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    You know many teens are growing now believing something far away for what the truth is, And here I am learning about what is right and wrong in this world which will never be taught in the academics. I am talking about both Arnub as well as Dhruv...

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    The house of fake news leftist it cell channel is exposing bjp it cell. Wow😗

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  31. Anil Kumar

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    i think u know about the government of China....the news is according to the will of President of china.....if dy post those shit about usa they should have told about that virus before getting it worse enough..... Italy is out of state too control...

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    Why druv Rathee is so liberals ... Analysis by Dhruv chomu

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    6:53 Tit, Al Jazeera is open in Pakistan! cuz it's a Qatar based channel!

  42. Tanha Dil

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    5:47 Bhai China ko zaroorat bhi nahi hai kisi se inpiration lene ki, They're already a thriving inspiration for the world!

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    I don't understand why people are making comments like he's criticising the govt etc .. He shared the useful steps govt took centre as well as state govt and suggested what need to be improved . He's doing all of us a favor helping us improve our conditions .I m really grateful . Thanks a ton Dhruv keep up the good work you rock !

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    Hello Dhurav first of all i am very impressed by your way of talking and explaining, I m from Pakistan appreciating u from my homeland. So, I am not supporting both either it is right wing or left wing it does not matter but in my opinion the ideology which is beneficial and support the national interest of my country is best.

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