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Learning, Awareness and Education is the purpose of this channel. I raise critical social, political and environmental issues facing India and educate you on important things which matter in your life (for example: personal finance). See the world from a new perspective. Ground Reports from across the world will make you more aware and logical analysis will make you think more critically. Learn how you can make the world a better place!
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JNU Incident | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

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Ayodhya Verdict | Opinion by Dhruv Rathee

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    Sab k sab flop actors😂😂😂paise k liye ye sav karegey hi na

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    So this is where our taxes go to..

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    Left wing

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    Going good bro ...carry on..with u

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    Bhai dhruv Rathee humre yaha palam m jo paani ka haal tha before AAP party tum soch bhi nhi sakte humne paani tanker se dhooya hai dur dur se paani laye hai Apne se jada pani ke tanker ki tension hoti thi humko Toh for water ke AAP party deserve 4 points


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    Omg 😂😂😂😂😂


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    Hello Dhruv. There is one issue I want u should make a video on n that is government started Lateral entry for joint secretary without passing UPSC exam.

  12. Haripal singh Bisht

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    Just check kunal comment on sadhguru on his twitter .....u ll find wat kind of guy he is.....nature sab balance karta hai bhai......🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Dhruv bhai Ek video aap railway group d or railway ntpc k exam k delayed hone ki wjh ko dekhte hue bhi ek video bnao bhai Please sir


    RICH Man ECONOMICSघंटे पहले

    2 child policy should be implemented as a benefit after one reached a particular income level... Let's take a benchmark of 5 lakhs...what an individual is earning equal to or more than this threshold only then he should be allowed to to have more than 2 children. And the counting of no. Of children should be done taking father as origin... What other people think about this... I would like to know



    MODI FEKU👎👎👎


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    Teri aisi tesi. Dogle mulla

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    This is what happens when u chose an educated minister instead of a chaiwala...

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    Har leftist ki fatni chahiye...jaise abhi fat raha hai modi ko dekhke...I m sure the country is going forward in a positive way by seeing the reaction of these hypocrites..bharat mata ki jay

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    Nice brother keep going we will support u

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    Modi ...tumari akka life Aisha kaam nai karega...modi tume tho hindu muslim ka fight chahiye

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    I thought 10

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    Best statue red fort in delhi

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    5:54 Ironically Mr. Rathee it was Gandhi who supported creation of two nations and caused partition. Remember who did Anshan to donate 55 crores to Pakistan. His actions told what he supported.

  27. aman sharma

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    israel bhi dharm se bana tha pr it is now unbeatable so your religion theory fails

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    jis desh me hindu safe nhi us desh me unhe kyu rehna chahiye?

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    World knows where this sick modi originated from

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    partition se samjha jaye to pakistan islam ke nam pr bana tha aur india hindu or sikh majority se pr hamne to desh ko secular ghoshit kr diya pr unhone islamic aur dhruv rathee sochta he caa is wrong ?

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    Modi bhakt h bhai inlog ko vikas se matlab nahi h

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    Hi Dhruv, the 2% you mentioned is misleading. That's not how you can calculate the percentage of deaths in here. The calculation should instead be deaths/deaths + recovered which will come around 14%, deadlier that SARS. Request you to check your research and post another video as a lot of people gets influenced by you. Thanks.

  33. dharma Rawal

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    Kya gov school ka education system bhi iit nd upsc leval ki coaching system ki trha krne mein kya bura h .. Krr skte h agr koi chhe 5o

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    This guy he's the true hero. He has gave up his free times to saved part of his country. He's need to run for the president of India . Such a good heart!!

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    Imagine the air pollution due to that fire 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Chup cpi ka cmcha

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    Sir its a request to you plz give some video on medical and lab fraud in India


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    Thoko likes. Too good

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    Dhruv Sir! aapka video hume acha lagta hai. Kesai video ko dosto me hum share karey? I need ur help.

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    Mai hota toh 50 me se 10 deta

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    Your channel is third class news channel for me , they are only talk communist,Hinduphobic Channel that i ever seen. Their's Real Hero is islam, other religions are fake not real according to their's thoughts. In ancient times around 1200 BC, where islamic people's were, they were made islam by killing a large amount peoples. Santana Dharma is universal, eternal. VEDA said that kaliyuga was started in after when LORD KRISHNA was left the Body, then the kaliyuga was started. LORD KRISHNA Says that everything is depending your own karma that who you are, what is getting in life is simply by your own karma, if it is bad then it will be bad with yourself, Biggest misconception is with Varna with non hindus in current days. Well the verna is like JOB POST, if you are wants to fight for your kingdom, then you will simply get the Post of Kshatriya, If you are wanted to worship then you will have the post bramins, others two was allso get by theirs own chooses, it will be dependented upon your karma,our own Passion. By birth wise, we all are Son of Risis. I admire that islam is religion of blind faith, violence done to non muslims. They does not wants to live peacefully, they wants to convert peoples by violating,killing only the male person and females are endure sexual violence. Their's Real propaganda is that they wants to convert the whole world be islamic. Please Druv,don't do this fake news, atleast you should see the history of islam, others relions. we are all same, they is no religion, varna, castes that we are in different. It is our karma that makes us different beings. 🙏

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    Australia is good

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    Dhruv sir, why do Lucy 7th number?

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    Chai wala can only get jobs in pokoda shops only ....

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    dhru rathe is more right person than un for kargil WAr listen to your general bakshi education system is our internal matter dont beleive nawaz sharif bcz he is famous in pak for his two standered even he kicked out from the pm when ever he blamed pakistan either in 1999 or 2015

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    Dnt waste your vote... Public walk up now... After seeing reality choose right prime minister ...

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    Ab aap Abhi ki reports dekh lo, TaajMahal se Related ho ya ----- jo kaha ...

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    प्रियंका चतुर्वेदी जी झूठ बोल रही थी जो भी बयान दिए हैं और नहीं तो इंसान अपने आपसे कभी झूठ नहीं बोल सकता वह अपने दिल से पूछे कि झूठ बोल रही है नहीं बोल रही क्योंकि इनके बयानों से अलग ही नजर आ रहा है जो इनको खाली पावर में रहने का शौक है और महिला महिला बोल कर महिलाओं को बदनाम नहीं करना चाहिए सारी महिला एक जैसी नहीं होती और वैसे भी हमारे देश में महिलाओं को देवी का दर्जा दिया जाता है इसलिए सबको अपनी जेसी महिला बोला मत करो बाकी आपनि कुर्सी और पावर के लिए झूठ मत बौला करो और नेता और पंडितों पर हिंदुस्तान बहुत बार भरोसा करके देख चुका है हिंदुस्तान का च** का ही काटा है

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    The reality of India,

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    Very good message Dhrub Sir.

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    I am sure, in secret. current BJP leaders r ashamed of Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji, because the vile trio of Modi-Yogi-Shah r trying their best to.destroy what Vajpayeeji stood for.

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    Kejriwal ko India ka pm banado nhi to agle 20 salo me desh barbad ho jayega remember my words

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    Manish Shishodia Sir is the one of the best education minister of Delhi India

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    Well madhya pradesh is also a good state .Just the case here is people don't follow traffic rules . I am not praising my state ,actually from haryana . I shifted here is year ago and found peace in life.

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    India is becoming safest place for corrupt and criminal politicians.


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    sir you have not just only explained ''how to study fast'' but u have also demonstrate it...really helpful😊

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    Soo right....best thing is that peoples are no more fools ....there were time when they get bribed somehow/ someway n voted ; then suffer for the next 5 years...but things has changed alot

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    Sad😟 Dhruv bhai. You thrashing homeopathy and Ayurveda, comparing it with gaumutra and gobar. Homeopathy works wonders. How about a video on homeopathy and its efficiency?

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    Abe o left k dalal.. Tera side se to koi pm nehi ban paya... To tera gyan dene ka koi jarurat nehi

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    The most useless analysis ever! There's just one point which made Kejriwal win and that is the utterly low grade BJP candidate Tiwari. Every other point made here is fake propaganda approach by Dhruv Rathee. Let's call it BANDHI (PUPPET) MEDIA, if that helps! 😂😂😂

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    Every thing in the world is made up of chemicals. And these chemicals can be extracted from different sources. And all those modern medicine also the combinations of these chemicals. In olden days the availability of these resources is scars and the scholars and rishis who followed Ayurvedha relied on plants and animals to extract the chemicals required to form medicine. So completely rejecting or denying the true knowledge is incorrect and also being aware those who misuse these knowledge for their own benefits.

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