The Weird Side Of Amazon

What this Amazon doing? Why this is Amazon doing this? Haha and we talk about Jeremy Renner too ok
also sorry this video is so dark and looks like an apology video or something we just moved and i don't know how to use my house yet
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  1. Chrissy Pastelle

    Chrissy Pastelleघंटे पहले

    "Only for a uncle" Um, excuse me? It's called a Daddle Saddle not an Uncle Suncle smh

  2. ryan plonkaa

    ryan plonkaaघंटे पहले

    Daddy goes on Oregon trail

  3. Jai

    Jaiघंटे पहले

    What do you mean unfurnished? There's a nutcracker right there

  4. bebopsbaby1

    bebopsbaby1घंटे पहले

    Yesssss I was waiting for him to see the amazon site lol. When i seen pony up daddy i was living for the part when Danny would see the daddy throwing it back

  5. kayleigh nichols

    kayleigh nicholsघंटे पहले

    am i the only one who actually had the daddly saddle•__•

  6. Your LocalTeaDealer

    Your LocalTeaDealerघंटे पहले

    the dislikes are amazon employees

  7. Mick Ziv Petreanu

    Mick Ziv Petreanuघंटे पहले

    Subbed, and notifacations on

  8. Michelle Altamirano

    Michelle Altamiranoघंटे पहले

    When the guy threw it back Danny: Oh shit...pony up daddy 😂

  9. Natasha Wilkie

    Natasha Wilkieघंटे पहले

    The entire "pony up daddy" thing sounded so... sexual

  10. michael dwyer

    michael dwyerघंटे पहले

    U should do more troom troom plesaa

  11. Rebecca Mila

    Rebecca Milaघंटे पहले

    The number of likes is the amount of times Danny said daddy

  12. Tabby Kate

    Tabby Kateघंटे पहले

    “Pony up, daddy! You owe me the ride of my life!” Danny Gonzales, 2019

  13. whogotthe juice

    whogotthe juiceघंटे पहले

    Tabby Kate hello

  14. Meagan Dahl

    Meagan Dahlघंटे पहले

    Me: this video is over now 🎶 Danny: She call me daddy 🎶

  15. Kairo Schmitz

    Kairo Schmitzघंटे पहले

    Notifications aren’t working IN-gos WHY

  16. Its_Winter Chimp

    Its_Winter Chimpघंटे पहले

    notifications are on :)

  17. maria pizza

    maria pizzaघंटे पहले

    Remember, Danny was in an empty room by himself saying, "pony up, dAdDy~" seductively over and over to no-one.

  18. Rana Mo

    Rana Moघंटे पहले

    Pony up...bitch

  19. Vera Besnard

    Vera Besnardघंटे पहले

    6:45 a very kurtis conner moment

  20. Thorn the gay

    Thorn the gayघंटे पहले

    I don't like how many times Danny says "Daddy"

  21. alivia herron

    alivia herronघंटे पहले

    the amount of times that danny said daddy makes me uncomfy

  22. fRisKydiSky daNieLsaPPlejUicE

    fRisKydiSky daNieLsaPPlejUicEघंटे पहले

    'idk how to use my house yet'

  23. Macbeth And her demon

    Macbeth And her demonघंटे पहले

    Why is this oddly sexual.......

  24. Sukhy Mann

    Sukhy Mannघंटे पहले

    Till it was about Jeremy Renner, it was fucking hilarous. Skipped the rest.

  25. sophie

    sophieघंटे पहले

    "how long are these kids riding their dad for"

  26. Severely Baffled

    Severely Baffledघंटे पहले

    11:45 I will just leave this here

  27. Claudia

    Claudiaघंटे पहले

    Is the uncle comment a reference to Miranda Sings?

  28. L_That1Cosplayer

    L_That1Cosplayerघंटे पहले

    The amount of times "daddy" was said in this video makes me feel very uncomfortable

  29. lauraregina

    laurareginaघंटे पहले

    pony up daddy and now replace the 2 d with 2 n I AM THE FUNNIEST

  30. Lady Zatara

    Lady Zataraघंटे पहले

    Guy: THIS IS SPART- Me: WAIT Guy: what? Me: THIS IS GREG!!!!

  31. secksy primates

    secksy primatesघंटे पहले

    "just riding one dad- that's lame"

  32. Bubble Tea Draws

    Bubble Tea Drawsघंटे पहले

    If you want weird products, go to wish

  33. Adams Vlogging / Gaming

    Adams Vlogging / Gamingघंटे पहले

    11:44 the right time to pony up daddy! Me-this sounds wrong

  34. Mr_lightningstew

    Mr_lightningstewघंटे पहले

    Noti gang

  35. jj f

    jj fघंटे पहले

    11:46 i choked on my taco

  36. Max Myers

    Max Myersघंटे पहले

    He makes music too

  37. Max Myers

    Max Myersघंटे पहले

    *Jeremy Renner

  38. TheTrue Cost

    TheTrue Costघंटे पहले

    first part was funny but the second one ohhh hell nah danny what happened ?

  39. Leonardo Rain

    Leonardo Rainघंटे पहले

    The happy dad around 10:30 is so photoshopped and I lost it

  40. dumbbubble :3

    dumbbubble :3घंटे पहले

    10:53 WTF??? DKSBKSHSS WHY?????

  41. corvus13

    corvus13घंटे पहले

    Sitting alone in an unfurnished room like a weirdo. Who let you into my life?

  42. adrien kraus

    adrien krausघंटे पहले

    next thing u know jEreMy ReNnEr has a tiktok app

  43. allen

    allenघंटे पहले

    Why does it look like Jeremy is watching you from your back window though

  44. Marine Venne

    Marine Venneघंटे पहले

    12:02 did anyone realize that there was a meteor coming?

  45. It's me

    It's meघंटे पहले

    12:01 "hop on a dinosaur and take a trip thru time" *meteor appears in the sky "... *and DIE, apparently.* "

  46. Archie Modi

    Archie Modiघंटे पहले

    Notifications on!!!

  47. Shu Buns

    Shu Bunsघंटे पहले

    No one: Jeremy at his daughter: 👄

  48. Ahmed Hoosen

    Ahmed Hoosenघंटे पहले


  49. The 3 Casual gamers

    The 3 Casual gamersघंटे पहले


  50. alyssa montero

    alyssa monteroघंटे पहले

    i laughed so hard omg

  51. Star Platinum

    Star Platinumघंटे पहले

    The countless times Danny said “daddy” during the whole video made me so uncomfortable

  52. itsjustnoelle

    itsjustnoelleघंटे पहले

    I got recommended a life size Danny Devito cardboard cutout one time

  53. Emily Ryder

    Emily Ryderघंटे पहले

    Dude my mom actually bought me a daddle for my husband to use with my kids

  54. Boo Loo Cerone

    Boo Loo Ceroneघंटे पहले

    Nobody: Me: My alien: Danny: PONY UP DADDY PONY UP B*TCH PONY UPPPPP

  55. Dr. Philled with Chocolate

    Dr. Philled with Chocolateघंटे पहले

    Thou notifications are on ;(

  56. Jessie

    Jessieघंटे पहले

    The amount of times he said ‘daddy’ I thought he was going to add his song Daddy’s music video into the end of this video

  57. Ahmed Hoosen

    Ahmed Hoosenघंटे पहले

    bu i loved the jerimy rener app

  58. AshlynnWren P

    AshlynnWren Pघंटे पहले

    I don’t even know who Jeremy renner is

  59. nagchampa

    nagchampaघंटे पहले

    The happy face on the third dad looks photoshopped, the head looks too big

  60. Withered Bonnie

    Withered Bonnieघंटे पहले

    notifications on....i am now a greg

  61. Amateur Seasons

    Amateur Seasonsघंटे पहले

    I subscribed with notifications on.Am I Greg?or do a have to do paperwork to become Greg?

  62. Elliephant !

    Elliephant !घंटे पहले

    Notifications are turned on!