Ram Ke Naam (In the name of God) - a documentary by Anand Patwardhan (1991)

Me and PeeingHuman have nothing to do with this except really wanting to post this brilliant film by Anand Patwardhan so that it reaches most people. It released in 1991, most relevant today.
RAM KE NAAM / IN THE NAME OF GOD focuses on the campaign waged by the militant Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) to destroy a 16th century mosque in Ayodhya said to have been built by Babar, the first Mughal Emperor of India. The VHP claim the mosque was built at the birthsite of the Hindu god Ram after Babar razed an existing Ram temple. They are determined to build a new temple to Ram on the same site. This controversial issue which successive governments have refused to resolve has led to religious riots which have cost thousands their lives, culminating in the mosque’s destruction by the Hindus in December of 1992.
Filmed prior to the mosque’s demolition, IN THE NAME OF GOD examines the motivations which would ultimately lead to the drastic actions of the Hindu militants, as well as the efforts of secular Indians of all creeds to combat the religious intolerance and hatred that seized India in the name of God.


  1. Kunal Kamra

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    We are not uploading this documentary to hurt your sentiments, but if your sentiments can be hurt so easily with facts, I'd like to advise you to work on your sentiments.

  2. Nasrul Hassan

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    Muslims never broke any ones religious place. My soul says that, My faith always tells me. Let the Devils Propagate falsehood, deceitfulness. Let the devil plan, Allah also plans & Allah is the best planner. No Doubt..

  3. Rameez Agha

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    Love you Kunal bhai Bhut himmat hai aap mai dch bolne aur dikhaane ki

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    Tu bhai accept kar Le ki Teri maa kutiya hai 😂😂

  6. Arif Ali

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    Kunal kamra Bhai ji... Tons of thanks to you for bringing this video... Thank u fr enlightening us...

  7. Nothing Personal Kid

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    January 10, 5114 BC !!

  8. Drishti Tanna

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    This is one of the most on point documentaries on this issue

  9. Girish Kumar

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    Most relevant and meaningful video on youtube. Every Indian should watch this. Thanks for sharing

  10. Sameer Sheikh

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    Placed idol inside the mosque, it became a temple. You started worshipping god inside, appointment a beautiful priest and then You broke it , so eventually you broke the temple. Sad but Truth

  11. Sameer Sheikh

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    Yeh kaha aagae hum.... Misconception, misleading, misinformation, total dooming

  12. green jesus

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    if we think logically and historically without any bias Ayodhya belongs to the hindus, Jerusalem belongs to the jews, persia belongs to the zoroastraians, istanbul(Constantinople) belongs to the christians. But guess which religious group is fighting for or has already won the rights to these places? which religious group has been associated with the most religion sponsored terrorist outfits in the world? which religious group made even the fucking peace loving buddhists pick up weapons in the near east? which religious group has a terrible history of women and gay rights and still does not seem to learn any lessons? i can go on and on but i guess you already know the answer. it's the same old religion of peace / voluntary subjugation. yes i realise hindus can be assholes sometimes. yes hindus have their own wicked history of social torture but if you compare them with the peaceful ones you will realise it like comparing nathuram godse to osama bin laden. godse doesn't stand a fucking chance coz bin laden was the ultimate badass. no number of documentaries is gonna change the truth guys. still i agree with this documentary somehow. Hindus can be assholes sometimes. i know coz i am one. but we pale in comparison with the real cunts. cheers!

  13. Aditya Khatwa

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    "Arre MANDIR WAHI BANGAYA" LOL 😂🤣🤣 AB tere ghar ke bahar padi tatti ka kya hoga.....😂🤣

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    Fir yahi musalman tumhari maa bheno ka rape karega. Tumhari gardan katega. Hahah so funny ? Right ? Nothing happens like these things right ? Well ask kashmiri hindus about it then


    MOHAMMED ZAWID Naseem5 घंटे पहले

    Thank you Kunal for making this knowledge public.


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    Yeeeh sb bas political tha hindu muslim vo Congress ho kya Bjp bas india ko chutiya banateee raho aur RAJ KARTE RAHO.

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    Inn netaao ne apne fayde ke liye pura desh barbaad kr diya😠😠

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    Saale saare over excited budhe aap toh gand daal kar upar chalegae aur ab jhelne ko hum hain...

  19. Rohit Motiramani

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    Didn't know L.K Advani was such a senseless bitch.

  20. Super S

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    Proud of demolition. Many more temples waiting to be liberated. Kashi, Mathura, Kutb minar & thousands more

  21. Sayma Bano

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    Such a beautiful documentary only fact and truth

  22. nachiketa nachiketa

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    muhamad: destroy all the paygan temples. if you dont agree with islam you dont deserve to live

  23. nachiketa nachiketa

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    islam was spread via fascism. har har mahadev Jai shree Ram

  24. nachiketa nachiketa

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    satrugna rocks

  25. herr rommel

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    Thanks for sharing it here kunaal. Our fore father's constituted thus country thinking it best for their progeny to stay together in peace. However on this account their souls must have been deeply hurt. I just hope the people of this country learn from this and realize that moderation and secularism is the only future for our beloved heritage n country.

  26. John Rambo

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    more justification for Pakistan ! thank you for uploading this , this video has already made the rounds in countless online and other Pakistani media platforms ! again , Alhumdulillah for Pakistan ! Thank You Jinnah for Pakistan !

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    Jai Shri Ram.

  28. Pralay Mohite

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    Today I went for a movie and as usual the national anthem began, I stood up and I got a call from my friend as he was at the checking counter and ticket was with me so i told him to show the photo of the ticket to security guy. For me at that time the phone was imp. Also I truly respect the national anthem, but as I started talking (in a low voice) a lady who was sitting in the adjacent row, started staring at me (while she was singing the anthem) and when she was staring at me i don't know for what reason she raised her voice while singing. She wants me to put down the phone which I didn't and I ignored her completely. I understand that we should respect our national anthem, flag and many other things but let people take their own decisions. In the first instance I don't understand why we play national anthem before movies. Uske baad to sab seats ko chewing gum laga rahe hai. Popcorn fek rahe hai. Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai.

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    Even poor people at 30:00 Are more intelligent than fucking bhakts.

  30. Sanjay choudhary

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    @Ravi Raj keep your fucking mouth shut

  31. Ravi Raj

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    Kyu be ram madir pe khush nahi?

  32. hanif dodhiya

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    आशु के अलावा कोई शब्द नहीं

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    I am Muslim. But I sulte Hindu for only laldas ji you are real represent your Hindu religion

  34. Aditya Khatwa

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    According to this documentary everything was nice and well before the English and there was no resistance whatsoever against the mughals..... If this was the case then why people respect Shivaji and why there is country in our neighborhood named porkistan..... come use your sense. Well I can totally understand that talking to Shashi can be quite empowering and ya his English is gullible but come to the real world dude...

  35. Abhinav Anand

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    Kunal Kamra bhai tu hi khadha ho jaa elections k liye, tujhe bhi minister bana kar dekh lete hain kya kar sakta hai jaise Kejri ko dekha tha. Talk about solutions bro not problems Mr. Mandir wahin Banega, lo fir ban gaya :D

  36. KarmaGunz

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    First off, I want to personally thank you for uploading this world class documentary. Truly, an eye opener and a heart wrenching story.


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    (52:00)Sahi bol rha hai income tax officer ki is desh mei koi bhabisya nahi rahega agr aise hi hindu muslim hota rahega

  38. Mahesh Agarwal

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    Masjid ko tootta dekh, Jis Hindu ka khoon na khauley, wo khoon nahi paani hai. Sad to see such hatred:(

  39. Jiarul Islam

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    Feeling for the Pujari 😑😑 I'm a Muslim but I'm a human also. Kisiko Itna dukh mat do ke patthar ban jaye. I'm crying after watched the video.. Kuch ĺogo ke prati ghin ah raha hai aur Kuch logo ke liye ron raha hoo. .. Hum sath me hai aisiliye yeh desh sabse pyara hai. Desh me Aisa Kuch mat Karo ke 100 me se 1 bhi log ujhse hurt ho. British humare bhai Sara se dharte the aur aj us bhaichare ko hi khatam karte ki baat hoti hai 🙁

  40. Aditya Khatwa

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    Who was BABAR!!! FUCKIN rapist babur-lund(btw this is his real name.)

  41. Manish Singh

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    People's here saying the uneducated people's are talking sense and educated peoples are talking bullshit...! Agreed! But explain me why after so many years of freedom so many people's are uneducated...? Why the government ruling the country for so many years has not taken any steps to educate the peoples? Is it because to mold the peoples according to your agenda... As educated peoples will not get molded according to your view and agenda!!! Hypocrites!

  42. franciir

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    Religion: truly opium for the masses

  43. sayed p

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    Just for power people are using ram and massacred innocent lives.Allah will surely punish this human flesh eaters.The real ram never support lies and injustices .British sow the seeds of 100% lie that ram born inside masjid to destroy India and never to prosper.

  44. Meenu Garg

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    Hindu nahi insaan bano

  45. Breety S6 M9

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  46. Bhau ka fan

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    bsdk kunal kamra sentiments hurt ki baat to tu kr mt isse pehle bhot baar kr chuka hai..lavde ka baal sale..tko koi show b deta hai kya zhatu mainstream comedians Biswa,Zakir,Kenny inn sb k tatti k barabr hai tu..mre chutzpah ka thukpa hai tu

  47. Nakaabपोश

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    Gud logo ko ye video bahut pasand aayega🤣🤣🤣🤣 JAI SRI RAM

  48. aditya singh

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    Tu zada gyaani mat ban chutiye kamra

  49. Akash Sen

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    Here I disagree with the narrative masqueraded as journalism

  50. Peace Prevails

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    There's always more to things. This documentary has an inherent bias against the temple in the first place. A lot of bad things have also happened in the name of secularism. Yes, we should punish those who harm others, but a narrative which makes it seem like just one side is bad is wrong.

  51. R- S

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    Thank you Mr. Kamra for sharing this.. it was quite informative.. Love you 3000

  52. Vishesh Nagar

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    The biggest scam after the British Rule. This should be posted by multiple IN-gos channels and social media pages/groups.

  53. Soap Mactavish

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    Iss desh mee schh bolne wale kaa haal whii hota hii jo anntt mee Lal das jii kii hua RIP lal das jii

  54. Noman Danish Shaikh

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    I have never commented on any IN-gos video before, but this time I took my chance. This documentary clearly show how easy it was for the Britishers to manipulate Indians. #respect for the pujari. #love for work of Kunal Kamra.

  55. Mayank Prasad

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    India for Hindus and Indian born religions only! not for PissLIMS.

  56. Soap Mactavish

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    Bhii itna schha mndir ka pujarii nhii dekha minee

  57. Waqar Ali

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    May Allah grant peace to the soul of Pandit Laldas for standing up for the truth and mankind!

  58. Shrikant Bhansali

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    I have better idea for you do Tiktok

  59. Aditya Dixit

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    I am enlightened by this , that . . . . . Kashi Mathura baaki hai🚩 . . . . . Lekin RTI, Electoral bond , Rafel , prevention of whistleblower amendment jaise acts Barbad karne ka badla pehele legi janta

  60. sumukh hrr

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    Kamra stop fuckin spreading disharmony.

  61. Birupakshya Singh

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    Thank you Kunal for uploading this.

  62. nusaxxx deku

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    I only understand is that yes the spark for roits was announced by some dumbass people....but what about evidence we got on that place? What about those pillars ancient statues 😅 bro idk but I'm not satisfied with this documentary and yes I'm not a shitty supporter of RSS BJP or hindusim I'm supporter of unity♥️🌍

  63. Shubhangi Shah

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    The foundation of BJP's politics is built on a farce. This documentary is seriously an eye-opener, which every North Indian should watch

  64. Harpreet Singh Dhillon

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    Hindhu phobic bastards will be thrown out of this country sooner or later Hindhus are becoming aware of these bloody Communists, leftists, liberals, seculars!!! 2014 and then 2019 desh hindhuraastra ki aur badh raha hai!!! 1990 me Kashmir me 40,000 Mandir tode gaye aur 4 lac hindhuvon ko wahan se bhagaya gaya!!! Kisi secular maadarchod baat nahi karega ispar kyonki mullon ne kiya tha ye sab aur victims hindhu the!!! Jaago hindhu jaago In gaddaron ko chun chun ke maaro 👆🏻😡

  65. Anmol Khosla

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    The Caste system is the worst disease in history to have engulfed a society and weakened it to such extents.

  66. avi gates

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    Please don’t try to upload such videos to create violence


    INDIAN TIGERदिन पहले

    Plz make a similar documentary on " Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits". 👍👍