Mask wala Khooni | Feat Neil Nitin Mukesh | BakLol Video

This is a comedy video of two dumb friends Ringtone and Gudgudi, Who Solves the mystery of Maskman ( Bypass Road )
Bypass Movie is released on 8th November.
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Neil Nitin Mukesh
Pankaj Sharma
Sanjhalika Shokeen
Yogesh Kathuria
Vibhu Varshney
Prem Bhati
Kapil Hops
Deepak Kathuria
Shoot by - Chetan Jaitpuria & Atish.
Edited by- Pankaj Sharma
Special Thanks to Sociopool
Managed by: Sociopool India private limited (


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    Apka favourite kon hai Ringtone ya Gudgudi? 😍

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    Wow very nice movie

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    I love you Baklol video

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    new part on girl and boy friend

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    To aap to aap log ki Vahi Wali movie dikha do na to aap to aap log bhi Vahi Wali movie Tu Dikha De

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    Do you are video you have a wife and a girlfriend or do you want hidingyou are good friends with your wife

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    Very Good Video

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    Part 4

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