Mike did hanky panky with a girl in New York. His new fling, Lana Rhoades, wasn’t happy about it. I helped make it even :)

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  1. Blvck.- Wh!te.-

    Blvck.- Wh!te.-दिन पहले

    Wait does it matter if a pornstar cheats ???

  2. Iga

    Igaदिन पहले

    Please can this g shave da beard. Imo he be wayyy better clean

  3. I like to eat booty

    I like to eat bootyदिन पहले

    If I was him, instead of saying “why would you do that dude 😩” we would’ve been scrapping

  4. yaseen alam

    yaseen alamदिन पहले

    the gang bang hardcore video with only 68% rating of lana rhodes and 5 other white dudes is always in my fucking recommended. anybody else?

  5. YT natuu

    YT natuuदिन पहले

    Lana is my star point guard in my starting lineup (just wanted to share)

  6. crossfireBr xxx

    crossfireBr xxxदिन पहले

    Ri demaiss véi kkk😻😀😀😀😀

  7. JackSwatman

    JackSwatmanदिन पहले

    Okay, I know I'm supposed to hate this shit and anything Logan does, but these vids are low key 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Adrian

    Adrianदिन पहले

    So the comments have to follow community guidelines, but the IN-gos es don’t

  9. Asia Jackson

    Asia Jacksonदिन पहले

    Oh Luna is a porn star..👀

  10. MajinWolf

    MajinWolfदिन पहले

    LMAO at people defending here because she retired from porn, she's still a sloot ma dudes

  11. Jane Doe

    Jane Doeदिन पहले


  12. Big Boi salad

    Big Boi saladदिन पहले

    Tf lana Rhodes

  13. dylan lile

    dylan lileदिन पहले

    Light weights

  14. Lxkyz

    Lxkyzदिन पहले

    XD when u get KSI wake up call advert on Logan Paul's video...

  15. Bob Gibbons

    Bob Gibbonsदिन पहले

    but how can u date a pornstar tho... she's fucked 100s of guys

  16. N0MAD

    N0MADदिन पहले

    Lana Rhodes: mad that a girl sucked her mans dick Lana Rhodes: is a pornstar

  17. Ricky 111

    Ricky 111दिन पहले

    Imagine dating a pornstar

  18. Oliver Douglas

    Oliver Douglasदिन पहले

    mike sucks

  19. trenton curtis

    trenton curtisदिन पहले

    love the fact that you can just out a blunt out on IN-gos and not get demonitized but someones says the f word and they get demonitized

  20. Karol Nowak

    Karol Nowakदिन पहले

    As much as i dont like logan. I gotta hand it to him that was the best shit i have seen yt in a while 😂.

  21. Mike Banach

    Mike Banachदिन पहले

    There are 2 reasons why people are watching Logan Paul again and they're at 3:51

  22. Victor Garza

    Victor Garzaदिन पहले

    1:33 clásico David dobrik move

  23. Arom Valentino

    Arom Valentinoदिन पहले

    Good friend , delicious Lana baby JAJAJAJAJA OKAY OKAY , GOOD BYE

  24. nielskarl massanti

    nielskarl massantiदिन पहले

    is this david dobrik but more shit? paintball guns and 5 minute vlog- Logan

  25. Brady Campbell

    Brady Campbellदिन पहले

    Why in gods name would you ever cheat on Lana Rhodes!

  26. Marshy 2.0

    Marshy 2.0दिन पहले

    Imagine cheating on a pornstar

  27. 3rd Generation Films

    3rd Generation Filmsदिन पहले

    Daves the f***in goat, HARD AF m8🤣

  28. Jackson Miller

    Jackson Millerदिन पहले

    “Dude when I saw David fucking her too I was like woah”💀💀💀

  29. Tamseel Ahmed

    Tamseel Ahmedदिन पहले

    logan paul has turned into david dobrik


    SAMSUNG ARCदिन पहले

    DONT SMOKE KIDS EXCEPT for evan ahhahaha

  31. enrique garcia

    enrique garciaदिन पहले

    goes straight to pornhub to watch lana get her real revenge

  32. AHey Wazzzup

    AHey Wazzzupदिन पहले

    1:58 it looks like chloe 😱

  33. WishaWeII ]

    WishaWeII ]दिन पहले

    Is it a prank for real tho?

  34. Mr__mathew

    Mr__mathewदिन पहले

    why is it like Davids vlogs?

  35. senpai kian

    senpai kianदिन पहले

    That gift from Logan is so lit😫🥴

  36. Rudy Byron

    Rudy Byronदिन पहले

    she can’t get mad, we all see her fucking punani damn near every week

  37. My Vids

    My Vidsदिन पहले

    Great now this guy brought porn stars in his video?

  38. Timothy Fursa

    Timothy Fursaदिन पहले

    Logan i see your Antonio Clown jersey in the thumbnail 😭😭

  39. Jaideep Abraham

    Jaideep Abrahamदिन पहले

    I watched "GOING BROKE" (AB diss track) For 12 hours straight... Click on the pic to watch

  40. Pc Principal

    Pc Principalदिन पहले

    If both those dudes put their dick in Lana at the same time she still won’t feel anything

  41. Raul Pardo

    Raul Pardoदिन पहले

    Copying David dobrik vlogs so bad

  42. B.A. Star

    B.A. Starदिन पहले

    The very last clip what you guys think will he really do that? 😂😂😂

  43. Aaronfb18

    Aaronfb18दिन पहले

    These are lit 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Vagabond Sparrow

    Vagabond Sparrowदिन पहले

    guy: dates a porn star also guy: is surprised it ended badly

  45. Alvin Matsil

    Alvin Matsilदिन पहले

    Why’d mike runaway like he was on the Maury show 😂😂

  46. Victor Nobrega

    Victor Nobregaदिन पहले

    When Lana asked what's that in your hands....

  47. StoneyOni

    StoneyOniदिन पहले

    We will continue this anytime in the future😂

  48. Tyrone aurus-rex

    Tyrone aurus-rexदिन पहले

    Evan didn’t even inhale

  49. get 1 tapped

    get 1 tappedदिन पहले

    Bruh imagine having a porn star as a girlfreind and watching them fuck someone else lol :)

  50. Musa İzci

    Musa İzciदिन पहले

    I had the truth of that event...

  51. See Fit

    See Fitदिन पहले

    The real logan is back 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪

  52. Creonegy

    Creonegyदिन पहले

    Now he’s the type of guy I watch in the morning when my classes bout to start

  53. NovaOne -

    NovaOne -दिन पहले

    How do you date a pornstar

  54. Damage Games

    Damage Gamesदिन पहले

    Yo did they actually fuck

  55. YouTube Zone

    YouTube Zoneदिन पहले

    This new Logan is really making a comeback now

  56. Thewatcheronthewall

    Thewatcheronthewallदिन पहले

    Like they tried to fuck Kaitlin Bennetts rep? The irony is very big.

  57. Руслан Мингалиев

    Руслан Мингалиевदिन पहले

    Хочу себе такую же девушку

  58. Руслан Мингалиев

    Руслан Мингалиевदिन पहले

    Лана красотка

  59. Руслан Мингалиев

    Руслан Мингалиевदिन पहले


  60. Trips.

    Trips.दिन पहले

    Lana cheats every time when she does a porn video lmaooo