I Catfished My Kid On TLC

TLC steps it up to a new level with a TV show based entirely off of one Coby Persin video. We worked hard and long on this video and we hope you enjoy it! -E&H


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    What happens when a show is entirely based on one IN-gos prankster? And that show happens to be on TLC? One juicy spicy hot meat ball is what happens! We worked hard and long on this video and we really hope you enjoy it, thanks for watching! -E&H

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    h3h3Productions dude, is your Channel dead or what? Are you out of our mind?

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    g a z e b o

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  6. Loulou A

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    Your way of interrupting and commenting is sooooo annoying

  7. Dayna Nielsen

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    The comedic editing in this video is so good I noticed and felt the need to leave a comment about it

  8. Bailey Zoldowski

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    "you promised you'd never do this *again*"

  9. dark gamer

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    Her dedication is absolutely real

  10. the pro kid

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    Hila’s reaction <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1018">16:58</a>

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    I like how TLC doesn’t even have the respect to blur the underage girl’s face. She’s like 12 and they’re publicly exposing her on live TV

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    this is fucking hilarious

  13. Hmm ?

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    Your all pathetic you’ve been in a situation this whole time and you didn’t realize it? How stupid are you, there are a lot of creeps out there.

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    The ending STILL kills me to this day I forgot all about this

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    Lolz all this time i have been thinking i was the only one who didnt get gazebo talks hahaha

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    I laughed a lot! I think that's certainly one of the funniest videos on that channel

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    I want some “fresh cut swags merch”

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    Damn ethan. Your moms a beautiful snack that i want ctfu. All love

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    This only teaches a child to be sneakier, create second accounts etc

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    Hosted by Elliot Morgan of SourceFed 😬😬

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    You know. The best thing about hating keem for all these yrs is youtube recommended your vid. Then i got to see all your funny ass vids *Cou%gh*

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    Stuff is slippery

  23. ForkTasTic Games

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    Omg maybe you should of just explained this to your daughter in private. Drove her to the park showed her all this shit.

  24. ForkTasTic Games

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    I love the keyboard noises for the tablet screen lul

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    This is one of the funniest videos ever

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    The last shot with Ethan in the gazebo is perfect

  27. MattC

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    That skit is so funny even a year later

  28. Prod. AKAONI

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    I just realized that was Ian after 2 years lol.

  29. Ethan Beyer

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    I didn't know Ben Shapiro was on TLC

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    godamn gazebo

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    Highlight of the video starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="962">16:02</a>

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    Damn, seeing Ethan "crying" under the gazebo honestly hit me in the feels.

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    how the shocked father's head turn didn't become a meme is beyond me

  34. Tito Velarte

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    The conclusion of this video is *G A Z E B O*

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    The next episode will be about catfishing the Dad w/ pictures of supermodels.

  36. Boss

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    they didn't even bother to censor her face dude..i bet just her whole school made life a living hell for her

  37. Slibbs

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    Hey that dudes from SourceFed

  38. Joe Ryan

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    Dont you love how parents will always complain about how kids stay inside all the time watching tv and playing video games, but when they were kids they would go out riding bikes, hanging out with friends, going for walks, etc, but once a kid actually goes out to a PUBLIC park to meet someone they suddenly change their sentiment and say "the world is crazy today. There are so many creeps out there, the world has changed and it's no longer safe!", even though statistically it is immensely safer to raise a child in today's world then it was compared to when they were growing up. Granted, that could be caused by the cultural shift of over protective parents, but even with that, public surveillance allows for much more reliable police investigations and cell phones allowing for instantaneous contact to the police, not only is there a much greater chance that the severity of the situation could be contained immensely, but it also acts as a huge deterrent. Moral of the story is, let your kids out. Let your kids make mistakes. Dont scream at them and expect them to know better on their own. Dont micromanage their lives for them, but rather guide them as they go through life. Kids are dumb and they learn through mistakes. If you instill a strong set of morals and guidelines for them, they will be able to function on their own without you having to fear. Dont be a dick.

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="526">8:46</a>

  40. Ole Vik

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    Ethan, you just brushed over the parents saying, "You promised you wouldn't do this AGAIN." AGAIN, she's done this before? AGAIN?

  41. Collin Gartland

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    It's like reverse to catch a predator

  42. Canadian Sosig • 2 years ago

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    Wtf these parents have no texting skills, lmao

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    i just wanted to watch some old vids of yours and i got this ad talking about how any guy can FUCK with one loophole in the female brain. like WTF.

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    The Gazebo bit had me dead 😂😂😂

  45. La Flor Daisy

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    did everyone ignore the fact the mom said “you promise you’d never do this again” like what 🤣🤣

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    Can't believe this is already approaching 2 years old, still feels like a new video.

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    this was amazing lol

  48. Jente Zijlstra

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    this is so fake aswell like how

  49. Frank Alvarado

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    *For just one press of the like button, you can find Ethan a new wife*

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    "Everyone disliked that"

  51. P.O.V

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    Humiliation isn't working they said it was the second time she's going to have major trust issues so they created a new problem in their relationship it seems obvious maybe this isn't a great idea

  52. Bri Girl

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    She just wanted an escape and the fact that she didn't hesitate when the "boy" texted her means she probably is starving for affection and now she has trust issues. If you don't know how to be kind and good parent dont have kids get a dog instead of torturing another human being for 18 years just so they won't want anything to do with you after the fact. Literally been verbally abused and mentally fucked my entire life and just now getting out of the situation. And child focus and schools need to step up their game when comes to these poor kids who just want to feel cared for by someone instead they just get bossed around, manipulated and screamed at when they just want to be free. So angry these kids deserve better especially after everything that's happened in their life time.

  53. Vyansya

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    Ethan's parent is dope for willingly to join the skit lmao

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    I am the only creep in my house. My hair dandruff collection is getting massive.

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    "and im gonna divorce you and keep the green card"

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    Are you out your mind mind mind mind mind zoom in on her dad lifting his head up high and proud

  57. W4R BE4ST 117

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    That still gets me every time "ARE YOU CRAZY ARR YOU OUTA YA MIND"! Lol that dude built like a deep freezer! !

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    Wai hol up did the mom said you would never do “THIS AGAIN”??????

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    Pocket zippers are really convenient for notepads and pens :D

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    There is 500.000$ worth of cocaine buried under that gazebo

  61. Wilfred Mott

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    This stuff is slippery

  62. Luke Logue

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    What the HELL are you doing Elliot Morgan form Sorcefed!

  63. Adam Cotton

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    "but You're pregnant!" Hila: "I take my job seriously" 😂 😂 😂 😂

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    yoda death sound <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="307">5:07</a>

  65. Joseph Hudspeth

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="13">0:13</a> This man got no BRIM.

  66. Halooord Rides

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    Now I understand what the Gazebo harassing Ethan on Twitter 😂

  67. Halooord Rides

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    Why does the dad look like Cain from Lucifer 20 years later?

  68. Ivan Sikima

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    It's been 2 years since this video and I just realized that the host is Elliot from The Valleyfolk😂😭 ffs

  69. unkn0wn4041

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    why do ethan's parents look like millionaires

  70. Schmuserkadser

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    When you break up with your roblox girlfriend and you hear your dad crying upstairs

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    Omg happy face with hearts in the eyes!!!!!!

  72. Lauri Saarinen

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    That fucking host looks like he could be the son of Michael Aquino. Very unpleasant vibe coming off him!

  73. JUDALATION gamestrodamous

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    god does TLCs ceo have gazebo stock?

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    ethans dad is my favorite character in this whole anime

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    im from the uk and i normally dont find american comedy funny but Ethan is a comedy genius and some of these pranks over there are legendary.

  76. Cassia B

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    I bet half the kids on this show wouldn’t have even done these things if it weren’t for these frickin weirdos persistently cat fishing their OWN CHILDREN (this show OML)

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    zippers on sleeves are perfect for joints and lighters, not sex paraphernalia

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    sponsored by gazebo

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    why the fuck are they on like 2012 version of instagram

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    Bro i lost it at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="480">8:00</a>

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1019">16:59</a> that laugh though 😭

  82. ⌠ ά7ţώєэţќ ⌡

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    I really hope it’s just not real

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    This stuff is slippery

  84. マーレ.

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    I wanna be in the writers guild

  85. Geoff Miller

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    And she remained a virgin forevermore.

  86. Geoff Miller

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    Today's parents would kidnap their own children, bound and gag them, and then ship them out into the ocean in a small container for many hours just to teach them a "lesson."