How to Download PayPal History

This video shows you how to download your PayPal history.
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Video Transcript:
PayPal makes it easy to search your history for specific transactions in its online or mobile applications. However, that's not going to do you any good if you need to export and analyze the larger data set, such as for tax purposes. Thankfully, you can generate a custom report for a defined date range from the PayPal website that can be downloaded in a variety of formats. This type of downloadable report can't be requested in the PayPal mobile app and can only be requested on the website.
Now let's walk through the steps to download your PayPal history.
Step 1. Open your web browser, navigate to, and sign in to your account if prompted. You'll arrive at your PayPal account home screen.
Step 2. Click "Activity" in the row of menu options in the upper left corner of the screen. The Activity screen appears.
*Step 3. Click "Statements" in the upper right corner of the Activity screen. The Download Detailed Statements screen appears.
Step 4. Click "Custom" in the list of options. The Activity Download screen appears.
Step 5. Click "Transaction Type" and then choose whether you want to see all transactions, completed payments, or balance affecting transactions in your report.
Step 6. Click "Date Range" and either choose from the pre-defined date range options, such as Past Month or Past 3 Months, or use the From and To fields at the bottom to define your PayPal transaction history range.
Step 7. Click "Format" and choose the file format you want to export your PayPal account history report to. In this example I'll choose to export to CSV.
Step 8. Click "Create Report." A note will appear on the screen that says youre PayPal activity report is being processed, and that you'll receive an email when the report is complete. After you receive an email, you can return to this screen, locate your report request in the list of activity reports, and then click "Download" to download your PayPal report.


  1. Boussad Boussad

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    hi's a nightmare . the statement BOX on the right hand side APPEARS only when using Explorer . will not show up with other browsers ...

  2. voyan38

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    It showed up fine for me in Chrome.

  3. Max Dalton

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    Thanks for calling this out.

  4. Sargent Pepperland

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    What is the process to open the downloaded files? I tried to open it with Excel to no avail. Any help?

  5. rai key

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    It can only load up to 3 years ago.

  6. Max Dalton

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    Thank you. I didn't know that.

  7. Borith Ra

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    Hello Sir, I just create the paypal account successful But I can not see tha Paypal balance, So How can I see it?

  8. Max Dalton

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    I'm not sure what you're asking.

  9. David Card

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    do you have a video with an explanation of all the useless data in the report so the report becomes actually useful !!!!!!

  10. Max Dalton

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    I do not. That’s a step too far even for me, lol.

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    thanx for u video

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    You are most welcome.

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    The statement box next to the filter box doesn't show up. We are using Chrome. WTF?

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    Shrink the screen size to 80% and it will show up

  15. william nicholas

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    I did it, but there is zero info on details, what I bought and from who, just the balance in dollars, which dosent help me at all =(

  16. Jack Sparrow

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    What about anything over 3 years?

  17. ezz

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    @Max Dalton paypal message is,,,We may require up to 48 hours to generate the report for date ranges data beyond 2014.

  18. Max Dalton

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    I'm not sure. I'd recommend you reach out to PayPal.