[Hindi] PMCO South Asia Playins Day 2 | Vivo | Fall Split | PUBG MOBILE CLUB OPEN 2019

#PMCO Fall Split South Asia Regional Playins Day 2 is here! 24 teams from the South Asia region (Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India) will battle against each other in #PMCO Playins. Top 16 teams from this stage will advance to Regional Finals and represent their Club in PMCO Regional Finals. Shout out the team or players you root for! #PMCO2019 #PUBGMOBILE
Ticket website: For VIP access book your tickets now, available on bit.ly/32NItQG
Venue: KD JHADAV INDOOR HALL, Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, ITO, Vikram Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110002
Matches Start: 2:30pm
Schedule for the Day:
2:30 PM Group A and Group B: Miramar
3:30 PM Group A and Group B: Sanhok
4:45 PM Group A and Group C: Vikendi
5:45 PM Group A and Group C: Erangel
7:00 PM Group B and Group C: Sanhok
8:00 PM Group B and Group C: Erangel

Groups for Prelims:
Group A:
Orange Rock
Mega Stars
SynerGE Retribution
ORB Official
ETG Brawlers
Entity Gaming
Group B:
Mega x
RIP Official
Zero Degree

Group C:
Reckoning Esports
Nepali Ho Ni

#PMCO #PubgM #Vivo #PMCO2019


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  2. Let's happy we all

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    Koi btayga ki 3rd and 4th match m soul ki teams q ni kheli h

  3. zero bhai

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    Where is fnnatic please koi bata do

  4. Salman Shaikh

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    Ye ek comntry wala kya jabrasti comntry kar raha hai atak atak ke baat kara mood off

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    Scout Har Baat Jo Starting m Maara Hai Usko Dekh kr bhauth Gussa aara h Hope Aage ke games Team fanatic ke acha Jaye Love ❤️ Fanatic

  9. Akhilesh kumar Jha

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    Esport challenge is getting tough every day in India. Soul need to understand this. That same old strategies are not working anymore and soul is not ready to accept it. No sniper,no DMR just playing with ar. Facing difficulty to get inside the zone in every match. They secure good position only if zone favours them. Not able to place themselves in zone properly. Not defending their vehicles and end up struggling to get inside zone.

  10. Akhilesh kumar Jha

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    @sonal geller I guess you are too late. I am a soul fan since the beginning. And this is a fact. Try to analyse.

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    Never be too quick to judge


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    Kal kaha shant thi ind chuttye

  17. Hrithik Pal

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    Send them ....to a physically existing battleground with simulator guns and all the stuff ......then it will appear like a real tournament ...can PUBG develop such technologies and battlegrounds?

  18. Manoj Rajwar

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    I love my india

  19. Ruku Keyho

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    SOUL lost this time for sure i guarantee 101% RIP to those who are saying SOUL will win 😂

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    @In dian rehne de bhaii, hurt hua hoga kaafi wo 😂

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    Pubg lovers Any one is online Now????

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    I thought it was a blog😂😂😂

  31. Richa Goyal

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    Le Ghatak : We will obviously have most kills in semis (over confidently)

  32. Richa Goyal

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    OR =georgpool ghr hai Soul =hold 15 position

  33. Himanshu gupta

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    The game is dying !


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    Wow . It is on 3rd no. in trending section . Amazing !


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    Bhai playzone predict karna utna muskil bhi nhi hai.. Jaha air drop girta hai uske pass hi circle banta hai..

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    6:31:38 | top-16 |

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    Finals ki Timming?

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    Team IND 😍😍

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    Trending #3 YT Gaming 👍👍👍👍

  57. anshul

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    No one gonna talk about owais ?guys he is the best assaulter and scout should let him first and he remember this is a team game not a single persons

  58. Shocord

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    @anshul han but day 2 me sayad change hua tha and ab to main bass chahta hun ki IND, Entity ya INS me se koi jeete 😩 bahut ho gaya ye soul and fnatic ka, jo perform kar rahe h unko koi poochta nhi bass mortal and scout karte rahenge

  59. anshul

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    @Shocord interview me scout bola wo hi igl he

  60. Shocord

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    owais is the IGL of fnatic i think , analysts said it themselves

  61. Oves Shanu

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    Highlights. (1st Match 53:00 Miramar. 01:08:51 synergy vs ORB epic fight. 01:16:38 SouL Eliminated. 01:18:50 8bit Eliminated by BrawL.) (2nd Match 01:49:50 Sanokh. 1:58:00 SouL vs Rip 02:06:03 Insane vs ElmX) (3rd Match 02:56:00 Vikandi. 03:01:52 ScOut & Owais knocked & Killed. 03:05:04 Fnatic vs TDP 2v2. 03:14:56 Entity Vs Nhn Epic Fight. 03:23:44 INS vs ElmntX.) (4th Match 4:00:30 Erangle. 04:17:35 INS vs TDP JokerOp. 04:18:12 Fnatic vs Mega. 04:23:48 IND on Fire🔥. 04:25:33 IND vs ORB 4v4.) (5th Match 05:02:00 Sanokh. 05:13:38 SouL vs Rncg vs Blind Epic Fight.. 05:20:47 MegaX vs GodL 05:24:44 Fnatic vs IND vs 8Bit intense moment of the Match.) (6th Match 05:54:34 Miramar. 06:00:48 Fnatic vs Insane.) Overall Standings 06:31:37 Thanks me later. Jai Hind.

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    every one is hereto see soul vs finatic in grp B AND C

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    No. 3 on Trending Power of pubg 👇 If agree hit Like.

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    Overall standings at 6:31:37

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    I feel like every Indian is a real Hero ,,, I respect bhai log hai apne support karo khelne wale ko ,, Oe dekhne wale ko bhi ,,, Love u alll ,,jai hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  71. Kya karega ukhaadega

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    Viper na hota ...baar baar wo laat tak leke jara tha aur sab pehle hi mar jare the ....to aaj soul nhi aapati