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Happy Children’s Day in Advance….
On the occasion of this children’s Day We’re here with a fun video “Good Kid vs Bad Kid” Hope you’ll enjoy watching its funny comparisons of the sequences which is about how a Bad Kids behaves vs Good. Do COMMENT your most favourite part from the skit.
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Creative Head: Shruti Anand
Director: Vikram Chaudhary
DOP: Dinesh Kumar
Edited By: Shubham Raj Verma
Actors - Shruti Anand, Bharti Singh, Babli, Pankaj Topwal
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  1. Inder Singh

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    10 sal pahle naye note Nahin bane the

  3. Laxmi Narayan

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    Nice and very funny 😁👍 video 😂😂😁👍

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    Nice video

  5. Bishwakarma Singh

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  6. amit Uppal

    amit Uppal15 घंटे पहले

    Bad. Kid

  7. pritika chakraborty

    pritika chakraborty15 घंटे पहले

    2:55 bharti ki back side dekho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Poonam Singh

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    Good good

  9. Mukesh Sahu

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    Last part

  10. Rafik RGki

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    Happy childrens day to all of you

  11. Tech Factz

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    Lipstick lgaba so kh le pahle..bahenchodd

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    Good student

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    Happy children's day to you all. I love you shruti didi and bharti didi

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    Please keep and swich chalange bnao

  17. Mohd Zakeer

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    Nice and funny about that moving the ponytail😆😆

  18. Gagandeep Kaur

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    I like how she flip her hair it is amazing

  19. Rachana Goswami

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    Every scene was very funny I like it very very very much

  23. Guddu Verma

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    Good kid

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    You make very bad video

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    A good kid will be heart of there parents

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    How funny makeup

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    Good kid

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    Shruti Anand aap bahut kutti Hain aapko pata pata hi nahin ki bhagwan bhagwan kuchh nahin hota aur sirf Allah hota hai Allah ek hai aur uske siwa Koi God nahin hota yah bhagwan tumhen kaise pata Chala bhagwan hai agar vah God hai tu to usko agar hai to uski murti kahan se paida kaise

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    Mark zukerrrberg

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