Frizzable reacts to Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)

Frizzable reacts to Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)
Mark Robers video:
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  1. FrizzableLIVE

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  2. strange being

    strange being19 दिन पहले

    In the beginning of the video, it even says that Bill Gates is the richest man in the world at that moment. Nobody was exposed. At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="10">0:10</a> look at the bottom left corner of Mark Rober's video

  3. Dynasty Turdlez

    Dynasty Turdlez27 दिन पहले

    DICKS BURGERS?!?! had me fucking dying

  4. zCake Dragon

    zCake Dragonमहीने पहले

    But wait, have these 'sciencetists' realised that one of the key things in developing our brains is meat, not plants and that cavemen only evolved through meat

  5. Jud Gaming

    Jud Gaming24 दिन पहले

    @JustMegawatt Okay.

  6. JustMegawatt

    JustMegawatt28 दिन पहले

    You misspelled scientist. Meat played a smaller role than you think in our brain development, there are many meat eating creatures, plant eating creatures, creatures that eat both, yet they aren't as smart as us. Even meat eating creatures such as dogs, tigers, and wolves are not smarter than gorillas or elephants or giraffes who only eat plants. What we do differently from other animals is cooking food and eating starches, which our brain heavily relies on. It's cooked foods and starches (rice, wheat, potatoes) that made us intelligent. Considering the inefficiency of what it takes to produce meat over plants, it's environmentally better, and obviously ethically better, to avoid animal products completely.

  7. zCake Dragon

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  8. Moya

    Moyaमहीने पहले

    he has premium 😳

  9. Md Saipulilah Che Idris

    Md Saipulilah Che Idrisमहीने पहले

    one tip: press f11 when u feel boring watching youtube with the search tab on the top

  10. Spratley Mac

    Spratley Macमहीने पहले

    Make him pizza rolls. 💀 Got it 👌🏽

  11. Awkward Doge

    Awkward Dogeमहीने पहले

    Tried an impossible whopper and it was like a motherfuckn whopper no difference

  12. Dr1ft Drag0n13

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  13. ¡RICH!HD MMM

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    B12 xd

  14. Avoid Insulin

    Avoid Insulinमहीने पहले

    In order for me to switch I need the making process to be the same and that’s never gonna happen

  15. The RookieGamer

    The RookieGamerमहीने पहले

    Bruv why dont we just eat the sun and take out the plant as the middle man too! 🤯😅

  16. Soap Killerz

    Soap Killerzमहीने पहले

    My dad did the same shit but with Onion rings. Like taste this onion ring, BOOM! Octopus leg. Fuck you Rain Forest Cafe

  17. cherron763

    cherron763महीने पहले

    Bruh he just gave Bill Gates a bag of dicks

  18. ChetCake Slayer

    ChetCake Slayerमहीने पहले

    Thought you weren’t doing a face reveal till 500k on the main channel

  19. Grayson Adams

    Grayson Adamsमहीने पहले

    Jeff bezos just got a divorce and split the money with his wife making bill Gates alot richer

  20. Daren Chung

    Daren Chungमहीने पहले

    bro it's f*cking glitter bomb guy! 😂

  21. Isaac Graves

    Isaac Gravesमहीने पहले

    yo im here now

  22. Elijah Watkins

    Elijah Watkinsमहीने पहले

    So uhhhh... can i get a shoutout

  23. Você na net zubumafu2

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    Just finishing the vid And being sad i lost the strem

  24. Toothless Slick

    Toothless Slickमहीने पहले

    Just amazing and thrilling content had me on the edge of my seat

  25. Daren Chung

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    yo same bro, same

  26. TK Shadow Gamer

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