Dus Bahane Kar Ke Le Gayi Dil 2.0 (Part 6) | Baaghi 3 | Vishal & Shekhar FEAT. Kk, Shann And Tulsi K

Dus Bahane Kar Ke Le Gayi Dil 2.0 (Part 6) | Baaghi 3 | Vishal & Shekhar FEAT. Kk, Shann And Tulsi K
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Song Details ::: 👇👇👇👇
Song: Dus Bahane 2.0
Singers: Vishal & Shekhar Feat. KK, Shaan & Tulsi Kumar
Composed by: Vishal & Shekhar
Lyrics: Panchhi Jalonvi
Music Producer & Arranger: Meghdeep Bose Song Edited by Nitin FCP
Mixed & Mastered by Eric Pillai @ Future Sound of Bombay.
Assisted by: Michael Edwin Pillai
Recorded by: Sohrabuddin @ Tseries Studio, Delhi
Meghdeep Bose @ Sound Bakery, Mumbai
Meghdeep's Assistant: Priyanshu
Soni Choreographer: Prince Gupta
Music Label: T-Series
Here We Go Again
Attempting Original
And Better Then Earlier
Here Now ,Here Now
Everybody Put Your Hands Up
Here Now ,Here Now
Everybody Put Your Hands Up
Uski Aakhon Mein Baatein
Baaton Mein Jadoo
Say Here Now, Here Now
Uski Aakhon Mein Baatein
Baaton Mein Jadoo
Jadoo Mein Kho Gaye Hum
Ho Gaye Bekaabu
I Looked At You, You Looked At Me
Aur Ho Gayi Mushqil
And You Became My Destiny
Tu Hi Meri Manzil
Dus Bahane, Dus Bahane..
Dus Bahane Karke Le Gaye Dil Le Gaye Dil
10 Bahane Karke Le Gaye Dil Le Gaye Dil
Jaane Hua Hai Kya
Main Toh Ho Gayi Laapata Laapata
Tune Na Jaane Kya Jaadoo Kiya Kya Pata (Like Magic Baby) Kya Pata
I Looked At You, You Looked At Me
Aur Ho Gayi Mushqil
And You Became My Destiny
Tu Hi Meri Manzil
Dus Bahaane Karke Le Gaye Dil Le Gaye Dil
10 Bahaane Karke Le Gaye Dil Le Gaye Dil…
Everybody Put Your Hands Up In The Air Now
Here Now…
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