DOST THA NA | Ft. Ashish Chanchlani | What The Fukrey | WTF

This funny video shows how friends react differently in the same situations when they are with THEIR GOOD FRIENDS VS THEIR BEST FRIENDS!
#AshishChanchlani #Dostthana

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Directed by : Kunal Chhabhria
Associate Directors: Akash Dodeja, Anmol Sachar
Written by: Kunal Chhabhria, Akash Dodeja, Jashan Sirwani, Tanish Sirwani
DOP: Siddharth Kedare, Kunal Chhabhria
Creative Director: Ankit Madaan, Ashish Chanchlani
Editor: Anmol Sachar, Kunal Chhabhria
Sound: Tanish Sirwani
Marketing & Promotions: Ankit Madaan, Ashish Chanchlani
Motion Logo: DarKreationz
Production Manager: Jashan Sirwani

Ashish Chanchlani
Kunal Chhabhria
Akash Dodeja
Anmol Sachar
Tanish Sirwani

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> bhai ye jb best frnd hoga tab fad fega iski dhakal bata rhi h😂

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    Galat hai

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    My best friends are the same They care about me but don’t show it We have got a title from everyone..... TAJ❤️❤️

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    Bad friend means best friends and good friends means fake friends

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