Coronavirus: British couple on cruise ship 'test positive' - BBC News

A British couple, quarantined on a cruise ship off the coast of Japan, have tested positive for the coronavirus.
Sally and David Abel are among 74 British citizens, on the vessel, the Diamond Princess.
Japanese officials say there are on-board 542 confirmed cases, making it the largest cluster outside China.
The UK Foreign Office says it's "working to organise a flight back to the UK" for British nationals.
Presented by Clive Myrie, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports.
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  1. me oh yeh its ME

    me oh yeh its ME4 दिन पहले

    Oh BBC, you mean the struggling actor David Abel?

  2. Nick H

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  3. الخزرجي علاء

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  4. Leeann Mansfield

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    Let them get a bus or taxi....bloody clever....

  5. Nana Empress

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  6. Fonny Lau

    Fonny Lauमहीने पहले

    Japan is not well prepare and they do not have enough hospital bed for the people infected with the Wuhan virus. I feel sorry for the Japanese people because their leader listen to the World Health telling them it is like a flu when there is no immunization or medicine for its cure. Even in Taiwan , they tried the medicine for SAS OR HIV on patient who are infected . Sometime it work and sometime it does not.

  7. Đan Phượng

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    Buy face mask in amazon here

  8. Mark Duggan

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    Free vaccines anyone.

  9. yuka takahashi

    yuka takahashiमहीने पहले

    The onset of disease occurred after the quarantine. They had the virus and were already infected before the quarantine since the cruise ship including crews and passengers do not even land on Japan. They are undergoing quarantine in Japan because they want to land there. If they do not like to accept it, they could just leave the territorial waters of Japan. Everyone should understand correctly what their position is. This ship is registered in U.K. and operated/serviced by United States. Therefore, the inboard ship is under the law of United States. How complain even If they are denied entry to Japan, and it is the ship-owner's responsibility whatever happens on the board. The ship-owner accepted the quarantine to go through the Japanese quarantine, even they could go to Guam or Alaska if they didn't want to accept it. (Not sure but I heard that the U.S refused this ship entering the Port of Guam!) And, please note, usually, the ship cannot berth during the quarantine. Despite the danger of virus infection, the Japanese government allows it to berth for some humanitarian reasons. Our government is much kind enough to quarantine, and to make any effort of taking medical care by expends from Japanese tax for poor foreigners accidentally infected corona virus who would otherwise be refused entry to other countries. We hope that everyone understand this fact precisely. If foreign media, people, or countries criticize the Japan’s handling with this matter, please flight the chartered plane and pick up your own country people! (Especially, the U.S and U.K and our own Japanese left media criticize too much) There is no reason for Japan to be blamed about, rather than be thanked for. Everybody had better to have common sense of international laws and think how all the things could be carried out better and rationally. Moreover, it is the ship owner who let crews work in the ship, not the Japanese government. The Japanese government has no right to determine the operation with this ship. Even if it has, would the Americans follow to Japanese government? Crews will probably need to be quarantined once all passengers have left the ship. These are all responsible for the ship-owner.It is not fair to accuse the Japanese government on this matter. Yet we have to criticize our government severely for not blocking foreigners freely come from Beijing or shanghai airport. The first priority is safety and life ourselves in our country. And we never never agree to welcome Beijing’s top leader to Japan as a guest of our Tennoh-heika (The 126th Emperor).

  10. P Conroy

    P Conroyमहीने पहले

    You are right.

  11. mothershipjapan

    mothershipjapanमहीने पहले

    Japan was badly accused of this issue, but The rights of this ship are owned by the UK. This is fact. UK Government should be blamed and do some immediate responses.

  12. s a

    s aमहीने पहले

    I've been watching the videos of the Brit couple, the Abel's, a truly lovely endearing couple. When I heard today they are infected by the virus I cried for them, for what they may need to face. We're all so removed from this virus, for now anyways, These are strangers on a quarantined ship making their videos, they're upbeat with smiles, and that humanity reaches thru the screen....and I just pray for them, for all of them and may God give them strength and recovery

  13. Trust Earned

    Trust Earnedमहीने पहले

    People need to know the reality that unfolds before our eyes! I know it might be hurtful to some but nevertheless - it is the truth. This couple has a tremendous opportunity here - to rise above the "smoke screen"! I wish them nothing but wellness , they have fallen victims of the plot that is eager to put humanity into shackles! I hope medical experiments on them will not end their lives! A fear mongering campaign is at full scale!

  14. Aurobindo Ghosh

    Aurobindo Ghoshमहीने पहले

    their anxiety grew out when bbc boarded

  15. johnny botwright

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    Deadly Killer Virus - Spirit Outbreak on the Royal Sandringham Estate - 248,666 Views

  16. Indian Traditional Arts

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  17. Megumi

    Megumiमहीने पहले

    Remember this is a British ship. Now London is offering Olympic in 2020. Are you kidding! BBC, please announce the facts and don’t shift a blame Japanese government.

  18. Ir Kost

    Ir Kostमहीने पहले

    And now this couple dissapeared, nobody even their family know where they are...

  19. Diva Biker

    Diva Bikerमहीने पहले

    While it's sad to hear about people dying from this virus, I really wish the news would put this into perspective. Over 4500 people die of the "common" flu every month and less than half that number has died of this virus. All in all, I hope this couple, and other imfected, make it through. Having been sick while abroad myself, that in and of itself is scary enough.

  20. Jyoti Roy

    Jyoti Royमहीने पहले

    Well .. the other passengers are tested -ve NOW. But, will there be any precautionary steps taken (for sometime) after they disembark the ship ? Hope everything gets better.


    STFU ASAPमहीने पहले

    So fucked up Shame on the UK

  22. Matsuyama Hitoshi

    Matsuyama Hitoshiमहीने पहले

    why the japanese government who embraced the british ship owned by the us firm only for her conscience should be criticised all over the world? Why the freaking BBC would NOT report the UK and US gov should figure the ship chaos out???🤔

  23. P Conroy

    P Conroyमहीने पहले

    That's true.

  24. TRAVEL IS TO LIVE! In Love with Life

    TRAVEL IS TO LIVE! In Love with Lifeमहीने पहले

    This sad, horrific, pandemic situation shows that our governments aren't prepared for "this virus/terrorist weapon of mass destruction" ! However, we should avoid DISCRIMINATION! We should not just criticize governments and peoples but be proactive and help each other to prevent the spread of such things! We will survive the Coronavirus and the virus of prejudice, which is spreading much faster than the other. We have to protect ourselves all the time. I am here to show solidarity and my love for the Chinese, Japanese, other nationals and everyone affected directly or indirectly by the latest pandemic of the new coronavirus. I've made a video where I tried to sing a beautiful Chinese song (or my Chinese is really bad, but I did it for love) and I hope our brothers can see it here: @_Vs4 do more. I would like to collaborate in helping people to understand FEAR kills more than viruses. My dear Chinese friends, we are together! The cure will come!

  25. ちゃんON

    ちゃんONमहीने पहले

    Diamond Princess cruse is a UK ship flag. Why not UK takes measures to cope with the issue? UK also should be responsible for it.

  26. katherine Poletto

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  27. Leslie Sansing

    Leslie Sansingमहीने पहले

    When you quarantine people you are saying they have been exposed and could come down with it. Why was it a failure that they did indeed come down with it? Isn't that logically what we could have expected?

  28. K L

    K Lमहीने पहले

    Quarrentine has to be from the last date of new infection, the date has to keep rolling out. This is a joke, anyone getting off this ship is a high risk. Get ready for the big pandemic.

  29. D. A.

    D. A.महीने पहले

    Roughly 2 weeks ago Sally & David Able were having dinner every night with their friend who eventually tested positive for covid19 w/ no symptoms. Before he was diagnosed they all dined together in a huge dinning hall that holds probably 1,000 give or take, then they decide to quarantine everyone. 13 days later Sally & David are still showing 0 symptoms but when they get tested both are positive for the virus. They had already contracted it before they were in lock down in their cabin. The dinning room was already infected. People keep talking about the virus in the air vents not taking into account all these people were in contact with each other everyday before being quarantined. Many many people have been sitting in their cabins were already infected just not showing up & not tested. Now 500 have gone on their way to various countries. I just don't/can't understand the logic in this? If I can put this together why can't the professionals? Each country should have gathered their citizens flown them home & quarantined them from the get-go. It's no surprise ships are giant petre dishes. They found this out in the early 19th century with another global pandemic.

  30. The Guru of Kang

    The Guru of Kangमहीने पहले

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a> OMG ! What a quarantine laugh, hahahaha.... This is what happens when you don't bring disease & quarantine experts on board to make it happen as it should be. Hahaha... LMAO! It seems that the Cooks on board are throwing a lot of Salsa over the Quarantine Cake for the Passengers. But hey who cares, most of the passengers are just elderly people with some medical conditions who are much more at risk of dying from the Corona virus than the younger crew ... . (heavy sarcasm)

  31. Donna Rogers

    Donna Rogersमहीने पहले

    Japan will become as infested and China they are real stupid to let them off the ship.

  32. P Conroy

    P Conroyमहीने पहले

    Your county should take its task instead then

  33. Adam Jones

    Adam Jonesमहीने पहले

    I am not being rude or offensive to anybody but what are these people doing in the kitchen dancing absolute scumbags

  34. P Conroy

    P Conroyमहीने पहले

    Who is the owner of the ship?

  35. Donna Rogers

    Donna Rogersमहीने पहले

    thgey need to send the Abel's home for Gods sake!!!!! We took 14 positives home and separated them on the plane. Our people are now on American soil recuperating, The Abels deserve to be home for Gods sake. I hope someone will do something for them.

  36. Roger Yang

    Roger Yangमहीने पहले

    It’s most insane and scary thing I can think of....

  37. mrwallen

    mrwallenमहीने पहले

    Nice hope they die quickly.

  38. ytrebiLeurT

    ytrebiLeurTमहीने पहले

    They'll all die if they don't let them off the ship.

  39. 太守苏定交趾

    太守苏定交趾महीने पहले

    Bye bye to the cruise ship industry

  40. Victor Jin

    Victor Jinमहीने पहले

    why not quarantine all passengers on the ground?? at least they feel more comfortable and less anxious and most importantly it's safer for those passengers not infected on the ship...a ship is not designed for quarantine!

  41. lnmc selkc

    lnmc selkcमहीने पहले

    First of all, this ship is a British flag. The UK has the slowest charter aircraft Criticizing only Japan, but the British government is also very irresponsible

  42. Brianne Morse

    Brianne Morseमहीने पहले

    Well when you put a lot of people in a small area with recycled air the virus will spread

  43. David Super

    David Superमहीने पहले

    Relax everyone cus it will spread all over the world anyway.

  44. P Conroy

    P Conroyमहीने पहले


  45. orange dog

    orange dogमहीने पहले

    Abe administration is useless. Japanese hospital let two Japanese old man and woman die without use an antiviral drug known as Avigan. Because the drug hasn't been the clinical tested on COVID-19 yet. The deceased couple who was onboard the ship was just prescribed a course of antibiotics. I think the world leaders should pressure on Abe who is an incompetent politician. Otherwise your people would be killed by Abe.

  46. P Conroy

    P Conroyमहीने पहले

    You don't know anything about what has been happening.

  47. P Perera

    P Pereraमहीने पहले

    Who was the very first person, brought the virus infection out to the cruise?

  48. N. Kastner

    N. Kastnerमहीने पहले

    China Population clock (live) 1,409,530,940 Current population 731,803,410 Current male population (51.9%) 677,727,530 Current female population (48.1%) 2,417,786 Births this year 21,362 Births today 1,360,735 Deaths this year 12,022 Deaths today -52,561 Net migration this year -464 Net migration today 1,004,491 Population growth this year 8,875 Population growth today 20-02-2020 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="641">10:41</a>:48 Source : United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affair

  49. wild K.A.R.D

    wild K.A.R.Dमहीने पहले

    So this ship being called an "incubator" for the virus turned out to be true! If Japanese Gov't hadn't locked them up on damn ship earlier they would not be infected.

  50. Chihiro T

    Chihiro Tमहीने पहले

    Diamond Princess is a British flagged ship. What were the captain and the UK licensed doctors on board doing before Japan KINDLY decided to allow the ship to dock in Yokohama and began to test each passenger.

  51. Kaz Neuro Therapist

    Kaz Neuro Therapistमहीने पहले

    Diamond Princess was a fuckin oven for this virus marinating its way through the residents. Fuckin experts twiddle dumb and twiddle dee dont shit about quarantine. Only isolation. That was like nazi a gas chamber. Watch for the REAL size of this issue. 50,000 are dead easily

  52. blap200

    blap200महीने पहले

    God help them. I'm stuck in China and every time I get a cough or a fever I think I have the virus. So far I've fought them off. If this situation doesn't improve I'll have to return to London, but as far as I know the government hasn't arranged any quarantine facilities. It's a joke to be honest.


    MELLO JELLOमहीने पहले

    Way to end a vid....

  54. Shinski

    Shinskiमहीने पहले

    its like they want to start a pandemic, who am i kidding its already starting fuck you ''elites''

  55. Mahmoud Zeineldin

    Mahmoud Zeineldinमहीने पहले

    They are gonna just spread the virus, this is a risky move. You never know if clothes, masks, or even skin may be infected!

  56. Megan Kay

    Megan Kayमहीने पहले

    O I hope they get better! Please pray for the 💚

  57. TT T

    TT Tमहीने पहले

    Report “why your government hasn’t done anything or issue any announcement THOUGH THE CRUISE IS BRITISH ONE” while Japanese did their best THOUGH IT’S ON YOUR TERRITORY.

  58. Just&True

    Just&Trueमहीने पहले

    Corona virus in my town.

  59. and. Andrew.means. Me

    and. Andrew.means. Meमहीने पहले

    If your dumb enough to believe the numbers are this low. You have faith in fake media ad government anti panic numbers. Triple to quadruple all the numbers and your closer to reality.

  60. account hobby

    account hobbyमहीने पहले

    I’m japanese Japanese cruise ships are full of viruses Japan's government response is over Please criticize the Japanese government

  61. Map 000

    Map 000महीने पहले

    @P Conroy No, not at all. Just, we are hoping everything will settle back to our normal life soon🙏.

  62. P Conroy

    P Conroyमहीने पहले

    I feel sorry for Japan. I hope this incident make less foreigners in Japan. The Japanese may be quite fed up with too many foreigners, who cough and sneezing without covering their mouth and nose.

  63. Map 000

    Map 000महीने पहले

    You are not Japanese but a korean!

  64. MMj Lee

    MMj Leeमहीने पहले

    Fuck cruise ban cruise ship n airplane

  65. hill billy

    hill billyमहीने पहले

    Great strategy keep everyone on board till everyone gets the coronavirus then let them off

  66. Jesus Is coming soon

    Jesus Is coming soonमहीने पहले

    Jesus loves you all very much and he wants you to be with him in heaven when he returns ask for forgiveness everyday and strive to do better Romans 10 and 9. When you have jesus in your life you have nothing to worry about god bless.

  67. Corn Virus

    Corn Virusमहीने पहले

    I liek boats

  68. Frank Brown

    Frank Brownमहीने पहले

    These are Plague Ships and should be sunk at sea. More lives would be saved that way.

  69. analogaudio rules

    analogaudio rulesमहीने पहले

    How about stop being candy asses, and keep people for 6 months....

  70. Hernan Saavedra

    Hernan Saavedraमहीने पहले

    U still smiling eh

  71. GoingGreen

    GoingGreenमहीने पहले

    It's because the situation on the ship is being run by bureaucrats, not healthcare professionals with experience in virus containment. A doctor removed from the boat could stress enough about how he feared of being infected because there was no differentiating green and red zones of the virus, they had no idea where the virus was and he would see staff eating food while still keeping their protective gloves on. The whole handling of the situation from the command centre to the staff on board was drastically poor and honestly baffles me how it even was let happen with such a threat to the country if not handled correctly. The same will happen around the globe because bureaucrats will be running most situations where the main priority is preserving money and the narrative in any way possible, not human health

  72. bubba butt

    bubba buttमहीने पहले

    Cruise lines are giving away free tickets for cruises!

  73. Jaslyn Kingston

    Jaslyn Kingstonमहीने पहले


  74. Focus Media

    Focus Mediaमहीने पहले

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="55">0:55</a> "they are getting close to the very end" I hope it was not in reference to their life, but the nightmare they've been forced to remain hostage!

  75. Ysidroo D.

    Ysidroo D.महीने पहले

    Here we go guys . Prepare . Order essentials before they get sold out

  76. Bobby Singer

    Bobby Singerमहीने पहले

    These people were likely already infected just not exhibiting the symptoms. Thank god they remained in quarantine and were not allowed back to infect others.

  77. romerom220

    romerom220महीने पहले

    I haven't heard anything from anyone high up from this British cruse line... Since this kind of stuff happens on cruse ships often enough they should have some kind of emergency protocol or SOP for the crew to deal with situations like this... But nah lets blame Japan for evrything that happens on the ship since it's docked there... smh

  78. Zay- ellé

    Zay- elléमहीने पहले


  79. salsabil mina

    salsabil minaमहीने पहले

    Oh my god !!! May god help them

  80. P Conroy

    P Conroyमहीने पहले

    No God in this world...

  81. TheIxtlan

    TheIxtlanमहीने पहले

    God is light.

  82. telling- truths-

    telling- truths-महीने पहले

    Its when they go "oh yea " "The workers on the ship did in fact have the virus" . Btw where are they from? Kitchen was questionable .........

  83. Fortnite_ Crest

    Fortnite_ Crestमहीने पहले

    Omg I’m worried about UK 🇬🇧 now No good

  84. Fortnite_ Crest

    Fortnite_ Crestमहीने पहले

    Yes ik, but they have to check the person for at least a couple weeks because tests don’t show everything the government has to think about this whether to let ppl in or not because it isn’t fair on the people who live here.

  85. P Conroy

    P Conroyमहीने पहले

    It is kind if UK ship, so why UK bring the ship back to UK...

  86. Andrew

    Andrewमहीने पहले

    I don't understand people. If you leave them on an infected ship eventually more people will become contaminated with the virus. I am baffled!

  87. sprkl sprkl

    sprkl sprklमहीने पहले

    Really BS and very suspect that this couple were fine all the weeks on that ship and now they have the virus!? The ship supposedly took every possible measure to insure people were safe in their rooms and on lock down so they wouldn't get it. How then does this couple now have it?? Because it's clearly far more contagious than anyone is admitting. More like Small Pox. Its time the truth is told! Millions in China are infected and already hundreds of thousands are dead. Stop the lies! We all deserve the truth so we can prepare for what is inevitably coming to our countries or states!! The WHO, CDC and all the Chinese Govt are liars.

  88. suzy Foo

    suzy Fooमहीने पहले

    Be strong dimond princess.... keep clam and carry on..... just another virus.....

  89. Ritchie O. Foster

    Ritchie O. Fosterमहीने पहले

    Britain go get your citizens!

  90. Mary Czarnik

    Mary Czarnikमहीने पहले

    The ship was a breeding ground for the virus and appears to be airborne with infection with the air the passengers breathe. The couple did not get it from contact with another human cause they stayed in their room and had access to fresh air and they still got the virus.

  91. Melanie Taylor

    Melanie Taylorमहीने पहले

    I just fell in love with this couple, from their videos, since they first reached out to the world, while on board the ship. The children of this couple, and their doctor, should be flying over to this hostel in Japan, and standing watch outside the facility 24/7. As it appears the MEDIA does not seem interested in following this couple first hand, with their reporters, and news cameras in Japan. TERRIBLE! I am asking myself, “Why no cell phones, social media, computers, etc.,“ as the Father said., in this hostel where they were sent with NO SYMPTOMS? This means no contact with outside world or their family anymore. Why are their children just sitting at home, going along? I am wondering if the Father sent out a cry for help by saying “He smelled a rat,” being sent to a hostel , and not a hospital, with the supposed Virus, and not allowed to contact the media or their families anymore?

  92. voydkid

    voydkidमहीने पहले

    they made this a plaque ship

  93. P Conroy

    P Conroyमहीने पहले

    Human mistake

  94. amedeo borghi

    amedeo borghiमहीने पहले

    what? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a> 👍