Chhota Random: Informed Youth

Our second video under "Chhota Random" is all about the informed youth of our country


  1. Bench Mark

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    Lol kych ni pata yar inko😂😂

  2. Pawan Kumar Janglani

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    When two intellectuals meet and discuss about the things they don't know perfectly 😆

  3. Amoluck Sidhu

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  4. yashraj keshari

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    woh taango ke baal❤️❤️

  5. samarth here

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    Thank god not every youth is as dumb as you

  6. rajjay

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    Eye opener 😶

  7. Farah Sadiq

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  8. Anirudh Shetty

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    Bhai! Tumare video ke upar Avengers infinity ka ad play hua and mein woh skip kiya!!! You can call yourself succesful now 😂😂

  9. Aditi Parakh

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  10. oZel

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    Has anyone ever noticed the great actors in you? Is it old school to appreciate acting keeping the great content aside? Am old school ,bro. :) Varun and Rahul .. great skills 👍🏻

  11. surbhit mathur

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    lol sabha sabko PTA lok sabha kya krta hai pr vidhan sabha kya kra hai kisi ko nai pata 😂 kuch to side mai kar rha hai 😘 awesome stuff man!

  12. Romit Roy Chowdhury

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    You guys have never fail to inspire us. We do short skits like these as well. Best wishes.

  13. tech etc

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    Now I came to know how illitrate I am thank you

  14. Rashmi Shetty

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    Group service tax

  15. Vidya ganesh

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    became your pankha overnight ;)( waise bhi the more the merrier :p) subscribed !


    SHASHWAT ALLDAY3 साल पहले

    liverpool pehen ke videos nai bana beythe ghus ke 2-0 hara dunga overhead kick maar ke

  17. Pooja Nair

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    Rahul ur dimples n varun ur cute lisp

  18. Minew sh

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  19. Aparna Kannan

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    aiyyoo.. hahaha.. Sachin Tendulkar

  20. Sr R

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    i accidentally came across your channel.....but I'm glad i did. You guys are awesome

  21. Sr R

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    Random Chikibum i ended up seeing ALL of your videos. Needless to say I'm a fan now :)

  22. Nitin Sharma

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    ahahahahha...ek no.

  23. Priyanka Rajbongshi

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    This is superb

  24. rakesh29002

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    keep going guys....

  25. S J

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  26. abhi do it

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    Salman Salman Salman , so true , haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  27. Prithvi Therani

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    actually i knew all d ques u said 😂😂 den too awesome video

  28. T B P P

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    You're genius !

  29. Sarang Pramod

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    Hahaha :) great video!

  30. Jesse Pinkman

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  31. ferhan mirza

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    Good one....👏👏👏👏