Breakup In Lockdown | Ft. Anushka Sharma & Anud Singh Dhaka | RVCJ | लॉकडाउन ब्रेकअप

Breakups are hard, but breaking up with someone, you love is the hardest and now, there’s a pandemic making things even more complicated. It’s difficult to cut ties with someone, you’re used to talking to every day. The period right after a breakup has been incredibly hard for both Tanya and Dhruv. Would they manage to sort out their differences or would it be a final good-bye? Find out now!
PS: This video was shot from home!
Stay at home and be safe. Together we can make this world better and fight COVID - 19 ( Corona Virus). Thank you to all the lockdown heroes who are keeping us safe!
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More about actors:
Anud Singh Dhaka: Anud Singh Dhaka is a finest performer of digital media and along with RVCJ Media he is also a popular face of FilterCopy. He recently played the role of 'Angad' in popular Nerflix series 'Taj Mahal'. He has also starred in Adulting a webseries by FilterCopy and also featured in movies like Super 30 and Qarib Qarib Single.
Follow him on Instagram to know more about him:
Anushka Sharma: Anushka Sharma is a popular digital face. Along with RVCJ she has also featured on several other IN-gos channels like Hasley India, Alright, FilterCopy. Her first sketch video with RVCJ - ‘How To Impress Your College Crush’ crossed 2.1 million views on IN-gos.
Follow her on Instagram to know more about her: reel_anushka
Director: Akshat Vijaywargiya
Writer: Chirag Basran
Editor: Sarvesh Bhatt
Executive Producer: Ashwin Salunke
Creative Producer: Pankaj Kothawade
Creative Director: Akshat Vijaywargiya
Creative Supervisor: Chirag Basran
Graphics: Anuj Kumar
Social Media Promotions: Ankita Jalvi
Post Production Head: Akshat Vijaywargiya
In Frame (From their home):
Anud Singh Dhaka
Anushka Sharma
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