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  1. Stijn.j

    Stijn.j3 दिन पहले

    bill gates once litteraly said that vaccines will help reduce population growth, and later when he got called out on it his excuse was ''well africans will have less kids becouse kids usually die in africa so africans wouldn't have to have 18 kids'' ofcourse the real reason why africans have 18 kids is becouse they need help on their farmland or help for their other jobs. Thus even with vaccines an african woman still has incentive to have multiple kids.

  2. strange being

    strange being22 दिन पहले

    This plant meat could change the world in a good way.

  3. L. Merbecks

    L. Merbecks27 दिन पहले

    Can I see those hands? Who here is a REAL meat-eating man?

  4. Mi Scusi

    Mi Scusi28 दिन पहले

    Replacing the only semi-valuable thing in a burger with some shit that will at least mess up your hormone levels, people are fucking stupid!

  5. Edge Ninja

    Edge Ninja29 दिन पहले

    They haven't convinced me that meat is bad lol in not a idiot

  6. James Ho

    James Hoमहीने पहले

    Honestly disappointed that Mark has chosen to join the Dark side.

  7. LPP 3rd

    LPP 3rdमहीने पहले

    Keep exposing them Frank nice job!!!!!!

  8. techguru

    techguruमहीने पहले

    Hi, Nice Video, I have subscribed to your channel. Please subscribe to my Channel.

  9. Fanny Wayne

    Fanny Wayneमहीने पहले

    This is the most bullshit i've heard .. the guy said Animals are inefficient way of getting our energy from the sun .. LMAOOOOOOO

  10. Real World

    Real Worldमहीने पहले

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="244">4:04</a> "i can still enjoy a burger with my friends". High fives a child he just paid to act like his

  11. augustine 11

    augustine 11महीने पहले

    bill gates lookin like a skeksis from the dark crystal

  12. "Superstruction" DCUO HERO

    "Superstruction" DCUO HEROमहीने पहले

    Damn you got bigger bro 💪🏻

  13. MysteriousFox

    MysteriousFoxमहीने पहले

    You have the man telling you about this when Mark Robert is a scientist from NASA and his 10.6 million subscribers and this man his 72k subscribers, and I definitely didnt just have the "poisonous meat" for dinner, tbh I bet the man who made this video to harsh on Mark Robert hasn't even tried what its tastes like, because it actually tastes like fucking meat. This Frank guys is a fucking idiot, AND Mark had more proof about the fake meat than FrANk has

  14. Tom G

    Tom G23 दिन पहले

    exactly 😂😂 this guy just wants popularity

  15. Newfoundland Sea Siren

    Newfoundland Sea Sirenमहीने पहले

    Kind of worried they may eventually just start switching out our real meat for this crap and not telling us..

  16. sonja smith

    sonja smithमहीने पहले

    They always make mince, why don`t they make a steak or lamb chop, who wants to eat mince all the time, I like real meat.

  17. Glen M

    Glen Mमहीने पहले

    Since the beginning of the 20th century, when artificial/manufactured foods began entering our diet, no manufactured food has produced better health results than real food. And the more manufactured 'foods' have replaced real foods or invaded our human diets, our health has been going progressively into the crapatorium crapper. If Bill Gates, the Hollywood crowd, and the naive younger generation want to eat artificial foods, more power to them. Those of us eating real food, to include meat and animal products, will be up there with Kirk Douglas and Olivia de Havilland while the plant-based crowd will be giving up the game way earlier as their health goes into the dumper. Assuming they make it past their mid-sixties.

  18. JediFarce

    JediFarceमहीने पहले

    Bill gates is the idiot who helped promote Common core in public schools, a way to do math in the most ridiculous and inefficient way imaginable. Hes a moron.

  19. JediFarce

    JediFarceमहीने पहले

    This is the same reason I stay away from margarine, the "safe" alternative to butter. Margarine wont melt in a microwave oven, something is wrong with that picture.

  20. Unit Coordinator

    Unit Coordinatorमहीने पहले

    they want to convince us to eat plants and bugs like the slaves they think we are. then they'll turn around and sell us the low-quality meat we eat now from places like mcdonalds at a higher price as if it's 'premium'.

  21. Lisa Grillo Murray

    Lisa Grillo Murrayमहीने पहले

    There is something wrong with you.... have you seen the conditions the animals are raised in that are made for consumption? It doesn’t take s genius to realize that we need an alternative.... you don’t have to agree, but you don’t have to make a fool of yourself trying to tear it down.... btw... I bet you wouldn’t have to wax the unibrow so much if you yourself weren’t so trendy.... that by the way is natural... nothing wrong with a unibrow....

  22. lu zhou

    lu zhouमहीने पहले

    eating babies, yummy

  23. Mary Sweeney

    Mary Sweeneyमहीने पहले

    Wow. globalist plot unveiled. I can't believe how open the plant-based/vegan/de industrialization/death cultists are now. Shocked to see Bill Gates OPENLY hustling for the cult. As I heard on the web somewhere....if Bill Gates is involved/backing something, it is bad. But, I am sure one can tell the difference between the plant burger no matter how perfected it may be someday.... since eventually, one's health will decline from the plant based over time.

  24. MotorcityGal

    MotorcityGalमहीने पहले

    Why would Bill want to feed "way more people" when he is an Eugenist? Likely, wants to drive the masses to an early death with gmo soy foods.

  25. ButterBall 90120

    ButterBall 90120महीने पहले

    I hate that guy so much. Such a shill

  26. Marven 1993

    Marven 1993महीने पहले

    It’s pretty simple, the idea that grains are healthier than meat is quickly fading, so the grain industry needs a new sell, the climate/land/food scarcity and the population. But they say that livestock are eating most of the food we produce and using most of the land. If that was true they’d be pushing animal products because these are businesses. Their main goal isn’t to decrease sales, it’s to increase sales. So if animals use more farmland/seed/inputs-and they sell inputs, then they’d want more animals. Truth is in many cases animals, specifically ruminants are more efficient than humans. Ruminants can eat an entire corn stock while humans can only eat the cob. And then cows rumens use bacteria to turn carbs into protein. This means ruminants need less acres to produce protein. They’re trying to increase sales.

  27. Galatix

    Galatixमहीने पहले

    6 million chemical "vegan" ingredients. OR just eat meat. Which seems healthier huh?

  28. Barrios M

    Barrios Mमहीने पहले

    I cant believe we are still here being sold lies by the food industry. Its the "margarine is better than butter" all over again, wich had been largely study and debunked in the last 20 years.

  29. Jennifer Kersten

    Jennifer Kerstenमहीने पहले

    Beta bill belongs in a dumpster fire

  30. BrightFuture

    BrightFutureमहीने पहले

    More soy for the man b00bies...generation girly man!

  31. Hungary33

    Hungary33महीने पहले

    Have you actually tried the burger? Or are you just too scared that the plant 'poisons' are going to kill you? Also, next time can you please use more facts to at least try back up your lies?

  32. Augusto

    Augustoमहीने पहले Inform yourself

  33. Aleš Šebjan

    Aleš Šebjanमहीने पहले

    Schwarzenegger is the biggest clown of them all. The dude literally built his body on steroids and meat based protein back in the day. He'd sell his mother for a dollar

  34. Lady Neptune

    Lady Neptuneमहीने पहले

    What’s with Bill Gates’ standoffish body language? Lots of arms crossed with little eye contact. Makes me wonder what he’s got to hide?

  35. who what

    who whatमहीने पहले

    Actually Shawn Baker did a good video about green house gases with animals compared to vehicles. And the percentage about cows is actually a scam. With animals they use a lifetime cycle which includes other resources it takes to raise and deliver that beef to the store but with vehicles they only take into account the direct emissions by the vehicles. They do not take into account manufacturing cars and everything involved in that process. Therefore the actual greenhouse attributed to vehicles is actually much higher and what is attributed to beef is much lower. Then also at nasa they analyzed the methane in the the atmosphere by radioisotopes and said it is coming from oil and gas Here is the video Even if you don't believe in is cornivore diet the info he gives in this video is still good.

  36. Olivia Sherman

    Olivia Shermanमहीने पहले

    If Bill Gates, wasn’t BILL GATES, you know he wouldn’t have any friends.

  37. Adrena

    Adrenaमहीने पहले

    ... "cows that had never seen grass" - so STOP FEEDING THEM GRAIN. stop poisoning EVERYBODY with GRAINS, we (and our herbivores) AREN'T RODENTS!!!

  38. sodamaker films

    sodamaker filmsमहीने पहले

    how are these stone age vegan videos still being made?

  39. Khristophesaurus Dinosaurus

    Khristophesaurus Dinosaurusमहीने पहले

    Those BICEPS though gachiGASM

  40. Dorfler

    Dorflerमहीने पहले

    He's also lying about the Amazon rain forest. They arent burning it down to make pastures and land for farm animals, they are burning it down to clear the way for mining of gold and other precious metals and gems.

  41. Dorfler

    Dorflerमहीने पहले

    Real food doesn't require a laboratory full of scientists trying to figure out a way to try and match what real food does. Nothing about seeing that lab makes that fake meat look appealing at all. I'd rather see a dead hanging corpse of an animal in a slaughter house than see the blended slop being made in a lab.

  42. Oswald Righuta

    Oswald Righutaमहीने पहले

    “Are these guys scientists or actors?” Yeah dude. They’re scientists, engineering weapons to continue waging their war against the European race.

  43. Scarlet Summer

    Scarlet Summerमहीने पहले

    I know all those worms gates coulda used for meat instead of poisoning then, chopping them into little pieces and ALL the other causulty's as well. Way to many animals of EVERY size, bugs, birds and, microbes and Fungi to imagine!! EACH AND EVERY CROP!!! They are freakin nuts if they think they cause less death! They are delusional!!

  44. Scarlet Summer

    Scarlet Summerमहीने पहले

    Gates was fed garbage prapoganda and obviously he IS easily misled. So sad the riches person around is so gulable.

  45. misaki stalker

    misaki stalkerमहीने पहले

    you better watch out Frankie, Bill can buy you, I won't blame you though, you got to earn your bucks.

  46. Ionela Fessler

    Ionela Fesslerमहीने पहले

    Vegans still have to support feedlot meat industry because they have to feed their cuddly pets! Or they can buy grass-fed for them hahaha 😂

  47. CriticallyCorrect1

    CriticallyCorrect1महीने पहले

    That kid pushing meatless burger is 'THE' faaaaaakest car salesman idiot I've seen in a long time. He has the slimiest crap (meatless burger) eating grin on youtube. Glad I've never seen any of his videos. Keep up the good work Franky!

  48. Jennifer Sheldon

    Jennifer Sheldonमहीने पहले

    Yeah, trust Bill Gates, when he's responsible for the mess of Common Core.

  49. Jennifer Sheldon

    Jennifer Sheldonमहीने पहले

    Wow! He's doing nothing but promoting the slave diet.

  50. NikkiC83

    NikkiC83महीने पहले

    I wonder if the next step is to replace real meat with this stuff without letting the consumer know 🤔

  51. kjmalone17

    kjmalone17महीने पहले


  52. kjmalone17

    kjmalone17महीने पहले

    They did a good job at hiding Bills gut

  53. Wellness Path For Me

    Wellness Path For Meमहीने पहले

    "Telling the truth in an Empire of Lies is a revolutionary act." -George Orwell. Hyper-oxidized vegetable oil driving Medical Complex profits sold as a benefit to the ignorati! Oh, and a nice iron content to further oxidize those denatured and toxic oils. Is any of that microscopic rusty filing iron like the kind added to cereal?

  54. MichaTheLight

    MichaTheLightमहीने पहले

    As he said is it good for the planet I knew he is totally idiot. And later it is clear he is a paid shill. I can't hear the lie of the bad Cholestrol again it makes my head hurt! What for a stupid beta chuck.

  55. AngelTyraelGM

    AngelTyraelGMमहीने पहले

    Love marks stuff, but the moment i saw hes list and it didnt include health i was allready skeptical on top of that he just showed how insanly processed that meat was getting all those veggies cramed into it, he should know processed stuff are the nr1 cause for health problems, dunno just hope hes still a nice guy and maybe thinks its goning to be "fixed", doubt it i would rather eat that table full of raw vegetables then that thing they call meat, you can fool our mouth but you cant fool our cells.

  56. Michael Jones

    Michael Jonesमहीने पहले

    The most sickening thing about this is that soooooo many people fall for this crap. I can almost see behind the scenes these elitist cronies getting together at some event full of oppulence clinking their glasses laughing at the general population saying to each other 'look how stupid these people are this is too easy......that is another few billion we have made whilst getting rid of the mass of stupid useless eaters we have before us, what is our next steps now what can we do to speed this up whilst making even more we will have a meeting later on'

  57. Michael Jones

    Michael Jonesमहीने पहले

    whatever the elites and government try to push the safest bet is to do the exact opposite. It drives me mad seeing all of these sheep that sit there and think that government cares about a persons health......since when does government care about anything other than their own agenda. They are the ultimate in hypocrits, look at them all pushing the eating of bugs and veganism when they go out to their events sitting their eating huge slathers of meat and seafood and living a life of oppulence but they want bugs and rabbit food for us. Talking about climate change and that we will all be under water in 3 years but they are hurriedly buying up beach front properties and taking private jets to places 6 times a week and are heavily invested in chemical companies pharmaceuticals and oil........people listen too much to words and negate actions.

  58. Wendy Domino

    Wendy Dominoमहीने पहले

    Even the possibility they might be using baby blood in these products (which you were very astute to notice was a possibility) makes me want to avoid them. Thank you Frankie.

  59. Eric L

    Eric Lमहीने पहले

    Also the guy who made this video was the same dude who faked the stolen package prank that went viral

  60. Eric L

    Eric Lमहीने पहले

    Someone needs to give one of these people two burgers. One real, one fake. And tell them they're both vegan, and ask them which vegan Patty is better. I bet they will all pick the real meat unaware 😂

  61. El principe Disla

    El principe Dislaमहीने पहले

    So much Bs

  62. Rainy Angel Hip Hop

    Rainy Angel Hip Hopमहीने पहले

    Lmao are you a rabbit or a human being ??

  63. Frankie's Fairy Boy Twink Club

    Frankie's Fairy Boy Twink Clubमहीने पहले

    This hipster shill is very punchable.

  64. Hate Boner Jeremy

    Hate Boner Jeremyमहीने पहले

    I've never been so disgusted by one of Frankie's vids as this. And I just saw a few of this Mark Rober guy's vids this morning and thought he did some good stuff. Shill. Elite. Scumbag.

  65. KingBurrito777

    KingBurrito777महीने पहले

    FRANKI IS GLOWING !!!!!!!!

  66. Nolan

    Nolanमहीने पहले

    "The reason why I can eat it raw its because its made entirely from plants" Just like vegans eat beans, potatoes, rice, oats raw

  67. 888sentz

    888sentzमहीने पहले

    I love his LISP.

  68. Pentti Hilkuri

    Pentti Hilkuriमहीने पहले

    More factories and factory farming is good for the enviroment...

  69. bedmar1958 Bédard

    bedmar1958 Bédardमहीने पहले

    Frank stop shitting on those that cant eat grassfeed beef

  70. Birgit K

    Birgit Kमहीने पहले

    I mean I do have to agree with the guy on point about factory farming. I also dont like the idea of it as a meat eater. But wait.. did they applied coconut oil being unhealthy 😒😒 I am eating coconut oil with spoon out of jar and I just hate this fat free dairies in the market. This fat free thing is a real brainwash!!

  71. Learner Bear

    Learner Bearमहीने पहले

    These retards are brainwashed into thinking the only alternative to factory-farmed meat is cutting out meat altogether. Learned helplessness at its finest.

  72. Kristupas Antanavicius

    Kristupas Antanaviciusमहीने पहले

    Arnold Schwarzenegger a vegan? Haha. Are we talking about the same dude who was pictured near 3 feet tall stacks of eggs?

  73. Raymond Leggs

    Raymond Leggsमहीने पहले

    What's wrong with vegetable?

  74. Raymond Leggs

    Raymond Leggsमहीने पहले

    well if I buy frozen mystery meat, its mostly not real meat anyway, those banquet chicken patties, wendys, mcdonalds, pizza hut, little ceasars, hotdogs, sausages, sirloin patties, chicken nuggets, frozen pizza. I'll never give up my mystery meat! Beyond "meat" can't be that much worse.

  75. Hanzo

    Hanzoमहीने पहले

    You call a lot of people shills but this guy goes beyond the call of duty.

  76. cratenoob

    cratenoobमहीने पहले

    how do people follow you unironically?

  77. Surf Viking

    Surf Vikingमहीने पहले

    Damn, have you been working out 💪

  78. Bella M

    Bella Mमहीने पहले

    "It takes a lot of stuff to make a cow" umm are we still in elementary school? They really dumbing it down... And they don't even mention it takes way more to produce all these plants (ie. pesticides, water, fertilizer, people picking the crops oh and the soil being depleted etc.)

  79. Alexander Langella

    Alexander Langellaमहीने पहले

    Monocropping...thank you! I can never recall that word when I write a description of issues with farming.

  80. Alexander Langella

    Alexander Langellaमहीने पहले

    So I guess my last point is...carbon emissions DO matter for the environment, and it's only positive. To get us back to the point where we had the last largest biodiversity in history, I believe we need somewhere around 200~300x the CO2 we have today. Even 10x what we have would be an absolute boon. Die-offs are only tied directly to CO2, and track to CO2 reduction, so it follows that lower CO2 = less plants = less animals = more death = less ability to maintain existence. Plus, it isn't like Volcano's don't provide the vast bulk of "greenhouse" gas emissions, and we're in a slump in terms of volcanic activity. Lowest in Earth's history, and it's starting to pick up again. Meaning once that picks back up again, while it will be a more dangerous planet to live on, life will flourish as a result, and greenhouse emission level differential from human production will shrink by comparison to barely a fraction of what it is now.

  81. Alexander Langella

    Alexander Langellaमहीने पहले

    I would say pray for more greenhouse gas emissions. The only reason we're going through any periods of intense heat is due to the magnetosphere being stripped down to a mere fraction of what it was when first measured back in the early 1800's. It slowly depleted, then sped up around the 70's. Since then we get substantially more radiation, and given the heat from the sun isn't actually heat from the sun, but a chemical reaction to charged particles, light energy, and radioactive particles, it's a false sense of higher temperatures. They're actually going down overall, in general, as the sun's activity is slowing down due to being in a minimalist energetic cycle (thank God as well...if it kicked up in activity, we'd see our electrical grid shot to heck, burn rates spike drastically, and we might actually have to consider cave dwelling and moving agriculture underground). More greenhouse gases = more plant growth = more animal growth = more general CO2 from wildlife = more healing (given CO2 bonds with a particular chain of oxygen to enhance healing in the body) = more plants = more wildlife = more virtually non-reactive and energetic compounds without free electrons to give up, to absorb the excess radiation coming from the sun = improved general environment = more water vapor trapped in the upper troposphere = more natural cloud cover and rain = better natural cycles that help replenish top-side water supplies (there's infinite water running throughout the world, in the crust...if you've ever looked into Primary Water...though it's harder to research now). Anyway, I say more greenhouse gases, the merrier. It isn't like they're trapped in our system anyhow. Every test showcasing greenhouse effect is science fiction as the ozone and magnetosphere doesn't function like a glass roof, and plenty of gas escapes in a form of equilibrium. Some gets bounced back, but that depends mostly on cloud cover and what gets past the troposphere. Cheers.

  82. K8 Bal4

    K8 Bal4महीने पहले

    1 Timothy <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="241">4:1</a>-3 "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; 3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth." The Bible literally refers to the vegan agenda as the doctrine of demons. Out of all the Abrahamic faiths Christianity is the only one the has consistently predicted the hidden agenda of the principalities and powers in high places. It's no wonder they want to diminish the influence of Christianity - the scriptures (especially the book of Revelation) have been warning us about their plan for two millenia.

  83. Jenova Project

    Jenova Projectमहीने पहले

    I'm dying at Frank's low IQ impressions lmaoo

  84. crazitaco

    crazitacoमहीने पहले

    They want children of the corn