Aftermath of CAB + NRC | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

In the last one week there has been strong opposition to the CAB and NRC across the country. I explain the events as they unfolded till the 17th December. I also explain how the Nationwide NRC will work and what will be its consequences. I do that based on the NRC in Assam which has already taken place. The govt has engaged in so m any internet shutdowns that India has become the internet shutdown capital of the world. Please note that the events described in the video are updated latest for 17th December 6am. Unfortunately, I cannot add real time updates as more things happen in the video.
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1:07 Jamia Incident (Delhi)
2:56 Update from Assam
4:45 United Nations Response
5:19 Divide and Rule
7:56 NRC Explained
11:31 Cost of NRC
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  1. Dhruv Rathee

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    As I release this video, there is another news of a violent protest in East Delhi. It is the responsibility of every person protesting to see it remains peaceful otherwise you are just playing into the hands of politicians <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> Jamia Incident (Delhi) <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="176">2:56</a> Update from Assam <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="285">4:45</a> United Nations Response <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="319">5:19</a> Divide and Rule <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="476">7:56</a> NRC Explained <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="691">11:31</a> Cost of NRC

  2. India Boy 2.0

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    Video ke pichhe ka sach pata hai sirf videos dekha or tune uska matlab Nikal diya Laure may rahta hu musridabad may Laure Ake dekh le sare bangadesh Muslims ghuse huye he puja nhi hone dete he

  3. Sanket Gupta

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    @Pranav Sood kisne kaha tumhe

  4. Devills Talk

    Devills Talkमहीने पहले

    Just think once dear sisters and brothers. Why the northeast student are doing the protest against CAA and CAB ? Protest can done by politic member also Why? Cause if it is implemented then we will lose our culture and identity and that will be taken over by the illegal migrants that they ain't from my motherland. And we can't see that can be happening until we are alive." I ready to die and give my life for my culture,tradition for my motherland but I can't see my motherland taken over by illegal migrants."

  5. Shane Ali

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    Bhai aap politics me kio nhi aa jate.. hum support karege aapko..

  6. Sambhav Jain

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    When u do criticism u are right or doing a gr8 job for society but when u face criticism u say andh bhakt. Nicee hope u will make one video after doing ground check on Kashmiri Pandit kirana and also there is a difference between 2 child policy and 1 child policy. And deep inside u know it.

  7. Vivek Jain

    Vivek Jain29 मिनट पहले

    Tjhe lagta hai janta ko isse fark padta hoga... janta emotions pe chalti hai .. facts and figures are for dead people. I am a middle class man.. I fully understand that my living is my own responsibility. just like you. I Support CAA I support NRC and NPR.

  8. shivali khan

    shivali khanदिन पहले

    We all need to be aware and our unawareness becomes weapon of leader

  9. Abdul Haq

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    Just want to see you debate with sabit patra

  10. Abhishek Johri

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    Great video

  11. Live The way you are

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    BJP Target's innocent people

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    Keep it up

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    Corrupt BJP

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    *Illegal immigrants* needs to leave our *INDIA🇮🇳* ! *Nothing matters anymore than this*

  15. Javed akhter

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    Isse bhi important cheej he. Ki kahi legal immigrants bahar na ho jaye

  16. Simply Anusha

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    Yha aap glt ho gye maana aaapko bjp se prob hogi pr logo me glt thoughts mt bhro.. nrc abhi tk aaya nh h bro.. or ek baar jaakr pdho ye citizen amendment. Hindu muslim ko alg to aao jse communist log krte ho.. sir aapk relative aapki family aapk mohalle ya chlo aapk shehr k kisi aadmi ko pkd kr laana or ye btana ki ye proof nh de pa rha ki ye yha ka citizen h. Phle mujhe bh ye sb glt lga pr mne khudne pdha jaakr usme aisa kuch nh h.. mujhe bjp bs ek chij m nh psnd vo h berojgari.. mtlg gov jobs ya jobs liye youth k liye kuch nh aa rha .

  17. Karan dogra

    Karan dogra11 दिन पहले

    Ye log hai jinhone delhi riots krvae a Muslim community ko bhdka k Assam NRC to supreme court ki guidelines k under hua hai Caa pdh to lo Hate kon Fela rha a ye to dikh e rha a

  18. venu kartik

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    Above all stop spreading false propoganda on IN-gos without knowing anything.

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    @Dilshad Hussain bhakt nahi..sachchai Bata rha hu..

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    venu kartik to tu btade bhakt

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    Abe dhruv rathee tum to sirf Anti-BJP propoganda failane me hi lage rehte ho..aur itna hi research karte ho BJP pe to phir CAA-NRC actually Kya hai seekh Kar aao phir baat karna aake...

  22. venu kartik

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    And I want specially dhruv rathee to read the above comment

  23. Sangita Paul

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    Rubbish . Has Modi proof ? If he has proof then I will see my proof .

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    Great work bro u r amazing

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    Not agreed with you sir

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    Dhurv Rathee tum ek video anti nationalist log pe panayega ????

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    India needs genuine person like you man.. Claps

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    Apki shakal mere chemistry teacher se milta julta ha🤔😁

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    Tu chahta hai Pakistan bangaldesh ki Boder khol de jitna man utna aye jaye sale paisa kamane ke chakkar may sala kuch bole ga

  30. India Boy 2.0

    India Boy 2.016 दिन पहले

    Video ke pichhe ka sach pata hai sirf videos dekha or tune uska matlab Nikal diya Laure may rahta hu musridabad may Laure Ake dekh le sare bangadesh Muslims ghuse huye he puja nhi hone dete he

  31. Amit pandey

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    Cab bill is being passed from loksabha and Rajya Sabha so I think the people over their are more intelligent than you so please making videos like this are just paid by any ant-i indian

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    sir good job yaha india main 200 rupey main monthly net milta hain subh data on karo or ho jao busy mujhe lagata hain or ek hitler paida ho chuka hain

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    Jaane woh kaise log the jinko ache din hai mile.

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    Seriously i love uh dhruv... Aap jaise agr hrr insan shi ka sth dene lge tohh Phir yhi desh itna axxa hoga but afsosss

  35. Kunal Sharma

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    It's was attacked because studends were carring stones in Jamian library and hitting. CAA is not divide and rule, clothes were mentioned for parties not religions based in Modi speech.

  36. Kunal Sharma

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    @Amit pandey thanks, not to criticize but that's only what he seems to be doing. In every videos it's just same agenda.

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    Very nice

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    Your r ryt

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    You seach for one side only it seems😂😂😂

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    thats reality you search from every aspect then think


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    Good job sir

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    Dhruv just love to see all your videos really very informative.

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    love from iok

  44. Pranita Waghmare

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    1970 ke pahale wala data for the proof all Buddhist people are given for the the caste certificate procedure whether they are poor or rich , and sub saalo se de aa rahe he ... toh ab Government baki sabase bhi maang rahi he proof toh problem kya ... Buddhist log toh kub se ye procedure follow kar rahe he... !

  45. Funny Face

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    Isme kya prove krna 1971 me ek hi generation rhti hai aisa nhi ki 10 generation nikal jati hai..... Me 26 ka hu mere father 1960 me born huwe the to unke documents dikhane me kya dikat ?? Me khud bhav se hu haryana ke fir 1971 koi 200 saal phle ki baat thodi hai????


    ANNU NIRMAL22 दिन पहले

    Aur aise garib log Jo documents banwate nhi h unke baare Mei khyal h?

  47. Nikhil Kumar

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    Bhai apki baat theek h but mujhe ek baat bataye ki muslim community ke paas to kitne option h i mean ki unke liye to kitne sare country h but hindu ke liye to sirf india hi h na that's why muslim ko nagrikta dena mere hisaab se sahi nhi h and m ek baat bata du mujhe koi dushmani nhi h muslim se ye bs m apne mn ki baat rakh raha hu and nrc ke liye to m khud kehna chahunga ki woe glt h.. Kuch din Pehle ki baat h delhi m bhogal ke paas se m jaa rha tha waha se kuch ladies aayi jinhone mujhse kuch puchha but mujhe unki language smjh nhi aayi bcz woe shyd afghanistan ki language thi maine unse english m poocha ki how I help you to unhe smjh nhi aaya m apse bs itna kehna chahta hu ki aap mujhe ye bataye woe insaan jise na English na hindi na urdu dhang se aati h woe humare desh m rehne ke layak h agr m glt hu to please mujhe aap correct kare.. Hope so ki aap reply karoge😄

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    Now I know thuth

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    I think you r against BJP sarkar 🤨

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    Ye bika hua hai dosto....kabhi kajriwaal ki bura nahi karega usse paisa khata hai na.....I am in canada and I know everyone here and in states is praising Modi for this bill....kuch iski tarah bikau chotay motay log hai jo bura kar rahe hai bus....but dont worry friends is dog ko bark karne phir bhee modi ko hee jayega rathee, sun le kaan kholkar.....chahay kitna bhee propaganda chala le tu


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    Joke accha h🤣🤣🤣

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    गुजरात में मोदी जी ने दगें करवायें थें dhruv ji

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    Kitne paise lete ho bhai hum police maar kha rahe wo maat dekho achha hai bhagban dekh raha hai


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    Ha bhagwan ab dekh RHA h.

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    Watch the video by upword on caa. By jai deepak. Fir bhi doubt he to bolo.


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    iraq ki history ke baare mai video banao . tum nahi banaoge


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    Iraq ki history se India ka Kya lna dna

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    sambhal k bhai, khi aap par bhi sedition charges lgaa k andhar na daal de.

  62. Ranjan M.N

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    you are not looking at the bigger picture. This is giving jobs to unemployments, and also construction works, which helps us get to 5 trillion economy.😜

  63. Nishant Yadav

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    Your points are genuine but you're saying that police opens fire on public, brother it's not possible don't spread wrong information. There is a diff b/w tear gas and open firing and i was not expecting this statement from you. Jos jos me aise he nhi bolte kuch bhi.

  64. Nishant Yadav

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    @ANNU NIRMAL upss..i think someone is very bad at understanding lines ...have i mentioned anything about this thing ?


    ANNU NIRMAL22 दिन पहले

    Video of police destroying cameras is also fake during Delhi riots.

  66. Laksh Raj

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    Sir abhi Jo Delhi me chal Raha hai peaceful protest jisme 42 logo ki deaths and police injured huei hai uske related video banao

  67. Piyush Gupta

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    I agree with you brother that CAA and NRC is not good for India but you are wrong related to protestors they are not innocents just look out in Delhi conditions right now the protesters are criminals or more than criminals this is not a way to protest just burned out the capital of country even when the us president is came for visit to India is not a way to represent our country in front of the whole world so if you think so the protesters are innocent and govt and police are wrong then you are wrong

  68. Sanket Gupta

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    Aur kuch toh karna padega na in migrants ko nikalne ke liye yaa control karne ke liye chalo maan liya nrc fail ho gaya lekin goverment kuch to rasta nikalegi hi isme itna ghabraane wali kya baat hai

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    Internet shutdown se koi bhukje thode hi mar rha hai sab kuch chalta hi rahta hai .... Illigal immigrants ko nikalna hoga na .... Nahi to desh ko bengal jaisa banne me jayada der nhi lagega Aap jaa kar dekho bengal immigrants kaise ellections me mamta banerjee ke liye support me rangdaar jama kar votes dilwate hai .


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    Accha yeh Jo online forms bharte aur online pdate unse pucho.

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    बीजेपी को गाली देना बंद करो राठी तू खुद कांग्रेस का दलाल है हाथ में पत्थर लेकर मुंह पर मास्क पहनकर कौन पढ़ाई करने जाता है लाइब्रेरी में जाता है जिन्होंने इन छात्रों का समर्थन किया उनका नाम लेने में बहुत गर्व महसूस कर रहे हो गोदी मीडिया को भी गाली देते हो तुम और तुम कांग्रेस के तारीफ के कसीदे पढ़ते हो तुम दूध के धुले नहीं हो

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    Bhadkau bhashan... That's it

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    Respect you man for you have the discernment

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    I'm not Indian, But I'm a human being... I'm a student of history at Oxford university! I have studied all the histories and languages of High GDP countries!! I watched some of your videos, And now I see The "Two Nation Theory " rising again in india,... AND also BJP really is a criminal minded Party.. I HOPE INDIA DON'T SPLIT TO ANOTHER COUNTRY IN NEAR FUTURE...

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    Sir g.... i think aap ek tarfa hoke video banate ho.... dono side nhi btate... or na hi kuchh clear ho pata.... to fir aap m or baki news channels m kya difference hua.... wo modi ki tareef krte h... or aap burai.... kuchh clear sa topic lao kabhi jisme politics ka shi chehra saaf ho.... ese to admi belive hi uth jyega news se.... because 100 log 100 types ki batey... 😔😔

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    You must not troll BJP

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    You are in opposition of BJP


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    Kuch log paida hi hote hai DHRUV RATHEE AUR RAVISH KUMAR Jaise logo ko badnaam Karne ko

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    Do any country allow people without greencard to stay in their country?

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    Hlo Bhai Yeh tumse kisme kah Diya ki 1971 ke pahale Ka documents lagega Act ko badiya se padh Bhai Uska pdf Nikal aur padh Likha hai ki 31 Dec 2014 se pahale Ka documents chahiye

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    Sadhguru has given the best possible explanation for this issue so far.

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    Sir aap cab k against m kyu h...vo jo muslims ko include nhi kiya h to vo to indian nhi h n or jo hua h wha oppression hua h hindus k saath or others k saath lekin aap muslims ko include karne ki baate kyu kr rhe h jb pakistan or ye countries k division hua tha to ye jo country k pakistan yha to religion ko follow karte h or hume kh rhe ho aap ki india secular h## vase hi country ki financial condition thik nhi h or muslims ko bhi le le...hindus ko liya h kyuki or koi hindus ko accept nhi karega...lekin muslims ki country h..or m koi bjp ki andhbakht nhi hu ..m cab ko support karti hu sorry sir...

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    Dhruva Rathee please reply About Caa and Nrc: Bjp govt is giving citizenship for pakistani hindu, Christian, and sikh etc. But Pakistan is our biggest enemy country. How the will give citizenship for enemy country ?

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    AJ desh mein do logo ki bahut jarurat jai,ek swami vivekananda dusre Netaji Subash Chandra Bose.

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